5th January

Earth On The Ocean’s Back, and Age Of Prophesy – Daniel Cowper


7th January

The Ocean’s Only Word, Getting Light, and Near Disaster – Lee Potts


8th January

Forever, The Little Girl – Kristine Brown

Irapada(redemption) – Aremu Adams Adebisi


10th January

Wishing to Believe by F. E. Clark


11th January

“You Are The One God Forgot” by Michael Akuchie, and “Of Perception” by Casimir Wojciech

An Honourable Death – Victoria Briggs

Fearsong – Anna Kahn


12th January

Purgatorio, East Peoria – Todd Smith


13th January

The Baptism – Juliette van der Molen

One More Lamb, No! This Is The Way It Starts, and Baptism Gone Awry – Elisabeth Horan


14th January

my god is – Paul Brookes


15th January

Lost Sheep – Jeremy Mifsud

Divine Intervention – Elancharan Gunasekaran

So Be It, Amen – Lucas Wildner


16th January

Whoever Wanders The Stratus Glow – Mark Grenon

Rings – Jessica Sequeira


17th January

1. Via Negativa, and 2. The Creation Of Man – Tolu Oloruntoba

The Polar Express (2004) – Cass Francis


18th January

Prayer Book – Victoria Richards


19th January

Empyrean Swings – Ashley Bullen-Cutting


20th January

1. In the Dark, and 2. Embracing Vulnerability – David Hanlon


21st January

1. Suddenly Blind, and 2. The Last Earthly Gift – Charlotte Hamrick

Inferno, Cantos I–III – Ryan Napier


22nd January

The Anger of Water – Kolawole Samuel Adebayo

1. Requisition, and 2. God, Look At God – Goodness Olanrewaju Ayoola


23rd January

Pulling Through – Laurie Koensgen


24th January

1. Running, and 2. Finding God – Ernest Ogunyemi

In Limbo – Anne Casey


25th January

The Orange Tree – Lucy Whitehead

1. The natural beauty of Lego, and 2. Pulp Savannah – Amy Kean


26th January

1. Vigil, and 2. Clear – Jon Bishop

1. The Easter Sunday my Faith Strayed, and 2. Lost and Found Still Lost – Carrie Danaher Hoyt

When the Show Must Go On – Trina Young


27th January

1. Testimonies 2. When the Rainbow Falls from the Sky 3. How Things Look Back – Ifeoluwa Ayandele

Quiet Wife – Erin Vance

Martin and the Sea – Gideon Cecil


28th January

The 5th C – ReVerse Butcher and Kylie Supski

Music Number Four: Talus Deposits – Robert Frederic Kenter


29th January

1. Preachers On The Street, and 2. Burning In Crowded Places – DS Maolalai

1. Lucidity At The Edge Of The Abyss 2. Afterlife Of Battered – Bobbi Lurie


30th January

Homoerratica 3 (Apologetics) – Joshua Palmer

1. Mark Making 2. Mistaking the Parts for the Whole 3. Point of View – Elisa Taber


31st January

Faith Is An Egg With A Thin Shell – Susanna Crossman

Water Witching – Jamie Hood

The Artisan’s Defense – Hege Jakobsen Lepri

Featured Photo Artist – Amanda Ollinik