The Anger of Water

Water rises
With a roar,
Forms a fist of iron
And throws itself at you.
I do not pray to see water angry.
It is mannerless;
Has respect for nothing
But its evil intentions.
Upon the blue sea,
Balls of water have
Broken a ship into sheets.
Bodies are on the way
To becoming the sand
Growing phytoplankton
At the bottom of the sea.
Upon the land,
Water wraps itself around a house
Like a python
And shrinks the building
Into suffocation— together with the bodies inside.
It makes a house into rubbles,
Turns a whole street into cemetery
Of broken bones & battered bodies.
Again, I do not pray you see the anger of water.
It is the angel of death
Coming to snatch you away from me
[And vice versa].
And may we not be there
When water becomes angry.
May we always sail
Upon the peaceful tides.
And if we be there one day
When water rises up in anger
Unto danger,
May we safely sleep in the storm like Jesus
Or find a way out of the hands
Of the destroyer.
May we never be destroyed
In the virulent, mannerless water.



my picture (black & white)Kolawole Samuel Adebayo is an old soul in a young Nigerian body whose poems seek to awaken the human consciousness. His works have appeared or are forthcoming on Glass Poetry, Button Poetry, Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Black Pride Magazine, PAROUSIA magazine, BPPC anthology, Pulse Nigeria, and elsewhere. He likes to connect with his friends via his twitter handle, @samofthevoice

Featured photo credit: Amanda Ollinik  @Allunderonemoon