February 2018 – Languages/Letters/Lists – Florence Lenaers 

March 2018 – Masks/Transformations/Cosmos/Personal Myth – Amee Nassrene Broumand 

April 2018 – Place: Movement, Escape, Exploration, Architecture – C.C. O’Hanlon 

May 2018 – Identity: Crisis, Creation, Multiplicity, Singularity – Karissa Lang 

June 2018 – Liminal Spaces – James Pate 

July 2018 – Bodies – Lara Alonso Corona 

August 2018 – Non-NonFiction – John Trefry 

September 2018 – Belonging/Returning/Retreating – Rachael De Moravia 

October 2018 – Gender & Revolution – She Speaks UK 

November 2018 – Facing Up To The Future – Paul Hawkins 

December 2018 – Doors – Jaisha Jansena

January 2019 – Faith/Faithlessness/Divinity – Bola Opaleke

February 2019 – The Mind As Prison & Asylum – Adrianna Robertson

March 2019 – Handwritten Letters to Fictitious Persons from Alternate Earths – Elytron Frass

April 2019 – Blood – Violence, Lines and the End Times – Emma SzH

May 2019 – Incompleteness – Petero Kalulé

June 2019 – Hex – Laura Joyce & Jodie Kim

July 2019 – Secrets & Lies – Robert Frede Kenter & Elisabeth Horan

August 2019 – Voices – James Knight

* * * * *

In February 2018 BHP began the Guest Editor series – whereby every month the keys to BHP are handed over to a guest editor. These editorships are not token roles – the editors are able to identify and set their own themes for the month – and are responsible for selecting, declining, and curating the work chosen – as well as all admin duties, email correspondences etc.

It is with a genuine and deep gratitude and respect that I would like to thank BHP’s guest editors for their hard work in selecting and presenting themes which have explored and thrown new light on a wide and eclectic range of contemporary and perennial subjects – and enabled BHP to facilitate a space for a diverse band of creative people to experiment, share, and hopefully forge new bonds and associations.

The hope with the guest editorships is to keep BHP online a fresh space, an inclusive space, to foster a sense of shared stakehold, encourage experimentation and correspondence, incite artistic engagement with old and new themes, and also to provide the opportunity and experience of editing a journal in the hope that more people will feel encouraged to create their own platforms/spaces/journals.

Yours In Service Of Creativity – Miggy (Angel) Editor BHP