Whoever Wanders The Stratus Glow

Whoever wanders the stratus glow
chased into niche or crevice
ascends the archives

A dervish’s shivers scan the heavens

A dervish’s scarves and sashes
canvass heaven’s veranda, invade screeds
for ice caverns, car crashes, narcs’ scars,

red arcs in the cards chase its hiss
dice canvassing creeds in sheds, dens,
caves, devices in cadavers’ viscera,

hands arched where heavers access

heaven’s advisors, the discs of chance,
vacancies advance in herds’ shreds,
dashers dressed in cash vaccines,

O advancers, varnish longvanishing
ravenous devices scanning ravines
for ravens or other birds that pray

scan the heavens for what the archives
wandering in chance devices stow.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMark Grenon’s poetry and reviews have appeared in The Antigonish Review, filling Station, the Hamilton Review of Books, Matrix, The Puritan, and Vallum, among others. His collaborative video poetry has been screened at the Visible Verse Festival, the Rendez-vous cinéma québécois, and the anti-Matter Film Festival. Although his home town is Ottawa, he’s a long-term Montrealer, and has lived in the Czech Republic, Taiwan, and Chile.  @GrenonMark
Featured photo credit: Mark Grenon