You Are The One God Forgot

God walks through us on lonely nights — Nome Patrick
before i name myself an island in bed,
far from shore, i carve my life inside a poem.
a letter in a bottle is how i commune with God,
walk him round the ruins of my heart,
have him wear this skin that has contained screams.
most times, i am a roadsign cars ignore,
i get lost in multiple visits from nightmares,
every section of my body wants God tonight,
whether it’s the one poured into the air as smoke,
or a litre bottle where drowning is an art.
i wish a slice of him was tucked right beside me,
for once, the distressed property desires owning.
the night before this one is long term torture,
this one approaches without the lord’s blessings,
the footfalls of empty nights commence carnage,
everything after becomes vested in want.


psx_20181226_080054Michael Akuchie is a Nigerian young adult writer and dreamer. He studies English at the University of Benin, Nigeria. His work appears on Barren Magazine, Anti-Heroin, Ghost City Review, Eunoia Review, Peculiars Magazine, Honey & Lime Lit and elsewhere. He is @Michael_Akuchie on Twitter. He is a Contributing Editor for Barren Magazine.



Of Perception

after Metallica’s Enter Sandman


enter/exit: serenity, now. illumination
of exegesis. i have vanquished midnight
with smoke

the hour of departure
blooms abeyance.

nests have all been raided.
trees shake like sick children.
the unseen delivers moonmoon
oracle through a mask of time

between us.

freight of escalation
flickers final
transmission into somnolence.

impermanence fixtures.
by your own recognizance—

i live to put the night
in your mouth.


casimir wojciech 11-2018Casimir Wojciech is from the Bay Area, CA and now resides in the Sonoran Desert. He edits Silver Pinion. @relicwindows

Featured photo credit: Amanda Ollink @Allunderonemoon