Empyrean Swings

what is love if not
catching irrepressible canyons
in calloused hands
breathing homespun winds
into dessicated

what is love if not
defining impossibility
in empyrean swings
feathering futile ink
to communicate
what the eyes do best

what is love if not
an ultraviolet thread
uncertainly followed
to a bush aflame
crackling words
achingly desired

what is love if not
a blind man’s leap


22814079_1834685149893774_3900978227542239283_nAshley Bullen-Cutting writes prose and poetry with a proclivity towards the Eco, Gothic or Weird. He likes painting his nails and self-deprecation. His work has been published in Isacoustic, Ghost City Press, Mojave Heart Review and Twist in Time. @abullencutting

Featured photo credit: Amanda Ollinik @Allunderonemoon