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2018… That’s A Wrap! – BHP///A Year In Guest Editors

2018 Guest Editors and Themes in order:


February 2018 – Languages/Letters/Lists – Florence Lenaers 

March 2018 – Masks/Transformations/Cosmos/Personal Myth – Amee Nassrene Broumand 

April 2018 – Place: Movement, Escape, Exploration, Architecture – C.C. O’Hanlon 

May 2018 – Identity: Crisis, Creation, Multiplicity, Singularity – Karissa Lang 

June 2018 – Liminal Spaces – James Pate 

July 2018 – Bodies – Lara Alonso Corona 

August 2018 – Non-NonFiction – John Trefry 

September 2018 – Belonging/Returning/Retreating – Rachael De Moravia 

October 2018 – Gender & Revolution – She Speaks UK 

November 2018 – Facing Up To The Future – Paul Hawkins 

December 2018 – Doors – Jaisha Jansena

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January 2019 Guest Editor Is BOLA OPALEKE!!! Theme/s: FAITH // FAITHLESSNESS // DIVINITY

Burning House Press are excited to welcome BOLA OPALEKE as our JANUARY 2019 guest editor! As of today Bola will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of January.

Submissions for Bola are open from today – 1st January and will remain open until 24th January. Continue reading “January 2019 Guest Editor Is BOLA OPALEKE!!! Theme/s: FAITH // FAITHLESSNESS // DIVINITY”

Judith Taylor: Cinderella upon Remembering Bruno


Cinderella upon Remembering Bruno


Her hands

down by her sides


Also her drink of choice

and how she speaks to

the bartender


Her subtle, slow

I’ve got all day


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ReVerse Butcher: This is not a violin, it is a doorway


This is not a violin, it is a doorway. I know this, because I read a lot. My notes and references are usually very detailed breadcrumb paths. But, as Brion Gysin said, the mice can get into the larder of language (and I add to his point, memory). And, well… I have no control over legions of mice.

“This is is not a violin, it is a doorway.”

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Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 1.00.18 PM

Tachypsychia. The word we use for defining the neurological condition which alters our perception of time. Time lengthening, time moving slower, time contracting. A blurred vision of time as response to a traumatic event. Time as a collection of unrelated passages. Time as red lines on the temptation to exist. Time as well-captured intentions, the same throughout all journeys. Every inked reflection, a paradise lost. Continue reading “Christina Tudor-Sideri: PASSING THROUGH THE HOME OF THE DYING”

Daniel P Callanan: Thresholds

Threshold_001 (Blackwater Valley)_dpcallanan

I was thinking about Brutalism, cattle and passage tombs. Form, currency and death.

Walking the fields of North Cork and the headlands of Galway, casting cow-sheds as signs.

Homes for people, now homes for animals. Cycled forward by occupation, migration and forecasts. Radio broadcasts. Concrete and local stone piled into walls, supporting cold tin rooves. Corrugated steel. Cheap and functional, galvanised wave forms. Tin, iron and zinc combined and beaten thin. Weather resistant not weather proof.

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Dov Nelkin: 6 doors and One Slammed


My brother’s childhood room and mine connect through paired doors, at three different points. Walk out my room and and ten paces would take you to my brother’s door, next to the AC control, across from the panic button. We also shared a bathroom, each room opening onto the sinks where we would brush our hair, or teeth, or forget to, side by side. With both doors open, you could have seen from pillow to pillow if you tried hard. Continue reading “Dov Nelkin: 6 doors and One Slammed”

Tucker Lieberman: It Does Not Matter Who Put You In the Cocoon

It Does Not Matter Who Put You In the Cocoon - by Tucker Lieberman Continue reading “Tucker Lieberman: It Does Not Matter Who Put You In the Cocoon”

Dan O’Brien: 3 poems




You wake

From sleep


You wake

From death

You know

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M.J. Iuppa: 2 poems


Every Hour Hurts in Fall


By now, you have adjusted to time’s addition, waking

without alarm, your body’s sudden jolt of electricity—


your toes and fingers wiggle—eyelids flip open to stare

at the ceiling’s cold.  You’re still here.  Isn’t that crazy?


You want to get moving before you hold still, before

you find yourself between the flight of day & dream.

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Adedayo Agarau: 3 poems




on being broken / like shards of withered glass / my body

repels every music its soul makes / i close every door i

can’t walk back through / by this i mean i keep memories

in a box of cigar / god tells me i am a chapel Continue reading “Adedayo Agarau: 3 poems”

Emma Stevenson: Growing, Up


Growing, Up

The grass lies hungry, waiting

to swallow up water, worms,


I scatter them. One by one

they are plunged into the

dampened fingers of fertile


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Ben Gedaliah: Room 168, the Hotel S-

Room 168, the Hotel S-

The door opens to a married man, a single bed.

You’re not here, but your presence is everywhere. The bed is meticulous, signs you’ve been here are subtle, imagined, your outline dimpling the duvet, just a trace; Continue reading “Ben Gedaliah: Room 168, the Hotel S-“

Bill Van Dusen: A manhole is a kind of door


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DECEMBER 2018 Guest Editor Is JAISHA JANSENA!!! Theme: DOORS

Burning House Press are excited to welcome JAISHA JENSENA as our DECEMBER guest editor! As of today Jaisha will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of December.

Submissions for Jaisha are open from today – 1st December and will remain open until 24th December.

Jaisha’s Theme for the month is as follows




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Aaand that’s a wrap! Burning House Press would like to thank November’s Guest Editor PAUL HAWKINS for selecting, curating and presenting an INCREDIBLE array of writing and art on the theme FACING UP TO THE FUTURE – and for all of the endeavour and hard work that has gone into managing the month   – THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, PAUL!!!


Massive thank you also goes to everyone who contributed to the theme and all who continue to send BHP your writing and art – we are so happy and grateful that you entrust us with your work, thank you!!! xX

Here it is, the full FACING UP TO THE FUTURE EDITION – every selection in one place for you to read/peruse – enjoy!!! xX Continue reading “FACING UP TO THE FUTURE EDITION – SELECTED/CURATED/PRESENTED BY NOVEMBER 2018 GUEST EDITOR PAUL HAWKINS”

Mark Goodwin: Beneath Space // Coil Evolver

Beneath Space

Beneath Space (Numerous LEDs in a Republic) Continue reading “Mark Goodwin: Beneath Space // Coil Evolver”

Konstantinos Papacharalampos: Hi, Passenger

Konstantinos Papacharalampos page oneKonstantinos Papacharalampos page two

Based in London, Konstantinos Papacharalampos (Greece, 1988) works in poetry, performance, installation and regeneration. After releasing K – On (ed. Entefktirio, 2011) his poems appeared in leading magazines in Greek and Russian and installed in situ in contemporary art festival Action Field Kodra. He then performed his second book Είναι/ Íne (ed. FRMK, 2015) in English (Velorose Gallery, London) and Greece (Lola Nikolaou Gallery, i.a.). Selected work was translated in German for Dichtung mit Biss (Freie Universität Berlin: ed. Romiosini/ CeMoG, 2018) and English for Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, UK, 2015). He holds a Diploma in Rural and Surveying Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc Real Estate from CASS Business School (London). In 2018 he released his new poetry book, 3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία/ 3: Anthrópon Istoría (ed. Koukounari), the hybrid pop project about repetition of ego in social media. See more from Konstantinos in his website or contact him via email. Twitter: @Kon_Papach  Continue reading “Konstantinos Papacharalampos: Hi, Passenger”

SJ Fowler: The Gush & more . . .

an excerpt from The Gush by SJ Fowler

from the Gush for Paul

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