Ash and Stardust was a monthly column written by energy-worker and artist/writer DHIYANAH HASSAN – exploring the intersections of Tarot with healing and creativity. The column began in January 2018 and ran monthly, for twelve editions, through the whole of 2018.

It has been such a joy, honour and privilege for BHP online to be the first home for Ash and Stardust – and to witness at close quarters the courageous, healing journey and process that Dhiyanah undertook during the writing of the series. Knowing Dhiyanah as friend, BHP art editor and early collaborator on BHP’s inception, to witness her use of Tarot work in her own journey of creative healing from a personal history of life-threatening trauma, has been a truly miraculous and life-affirming privilege.

On this page you will find all of Dhiyanah’s wonderful editions of the Ash and Stardust series – and I would personally like to thank Dhiyanah for sharing her courage, magic, wisdom, and creative self-transformation with BHP and our readers, and allowing BHP the privilege to house this ground-breaking series.


Ash and Stardust i: Here We Are

Ash and Stardust ii: Trauma and The Lovers

Ash and Stardust iii: Reversed Readings

Ash and Stardust iv: The Care in Chaos

Ash and Stardust v: The World Turned Upside Down

Ash and Stardust vi: Mars and Saturn walk into a teahouse and are ambushed by the Moon with Neptune cackling on the roof

Ash and Stardust vii: Checkpoints

Ash and Stardust viii: Cosmic Shift Spread

Ash and Stardust ix: Recalibrate

Ash and Stardust x: Ashytober

Ash and Stardust xi: Agents of Change

Ash and Stardust xii: The Leap