The Orange Tree

At the centre of a cloistered courtyard
encircled by curve and shadow
a ladder reaches from earth to sky.

While men whip the sin
from their flesh, red ribboned inside
darkened cells, or gaze

at painted angels in the thin glow
of candle flame, tangled wings are spreading
into mud and cloud.

Singing a song of oneness,
sunlight on wooden wingtips
is crystallising into oranges.


author photo-1Lucy Whitehead has a BA (hons) in Archaeology and Anthropology and an MA in History of Art and Archaeology (of Central and Southeast Asia). She has worked in academic publishing for most of her adult life, and also as an archaeologist, art journalist, and illustrator amongst other things. She writes haiku, haibun, and poetry. Her haiku are widely published in various international haiku journals and anthologies. Her poetry is published in Twist in Time Literary Magazine and Barren Magazine. Her Twitter handle is @blueirispoetry.

Featured photo credit: Amanda OllinikĀ  @Allunderonemoon