And when I say I’m void of self-belief I’m trying to say I don’t live
The answer I’m trying to say I recognize helpless nature I’m trying to say
That I write God in the alfresco mother says he is ubiquitous like air I am a daily
SOS on some other days while I await heaven’s radar I re- arrange my misery
As a response driven to a space on the ocean’s expanse reciting each pain into pebbles
Feeding pebbles to strong currents I hang my scars like petitions around my neck
And at the seventh waves’ livid returning I let it throw over me until I’m jelly until I
Drench an erratic faith rekindled by fear I fold into a squeezed tabloid floating
Expanding into anything prayer that is perhaps I can catch God’s signal before
Fragments and ocean’s swallow.



God, Look At God

of poems i wish to become, turn fragrances
of floras for burdened birds like my mother; a nest of nectars.

mother. please, don’t cry again.
i hold nascent nights for you;
i draw the subtle sky close. i lift your face to the eyes of God.

i say to him, God look at you.

i steal into your sunken eyes. i see the future flicker frail
from fired fossils in the sail of your selflessness.
like shadows, i wear your sadness to know how you save a smile.
you have given all. & i cry.

i say to him, please break the moon on my mother;
milk for her milked.

i say to him, move the sun into her mouth.
life. light on my mother’s skin and still the stormy darkness digging deep.
her suffering stings me like a thousand scorpions.

i say to him, God look at God!

won’t you smile on yourself?



ayoola goodnessGoodness Olanrewaju Ayoola is a Nigerian poet and teacher of English and Literature. His poetry has appeared in Indian Periodicals, Leaves of Ink, Deepwater Literary Journal, Brittle Paper, Yourone phone call, Ric Journal and elsewhere. He loves poetry and every magic it exudes. He really loves poetry and all of its undeniable potency. He is the author of Meditations, a collection of poems. @GoodnessLanre

Featured photo credit: Amanda Ollinik  @Allunderonemoon