Our Photo artist for the month, Amanda Ollinik, supplied almost all the featured photos used(except for two or three). She is as prolific as our poetry/fiction contributors, and very well take her talent seriously. We are grateful to her and her partner, Lydia, for making the month as photogenic as it can be.img_5005 (1)

Above: Amanda & Partner, Lydia, with other members of the family. 

Amanda Ollinik is a photographer, videographer and freelance artist with an interest in nature, science, and multiple exposure images. In addition to her personal projects, Amanda has had involvement with projects to raise awareness for LGBTQ2+ issues, and has done multimedia work with a non-profit organization to raise money and awareness for cancer research.  She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her partner, Lydia, her rabbits, puppy and hedgehog. @Allunderonemoon

Check out Amanda’s work on instagram at: