Not For Profit/For Prophecy

From ‘Notes on Not Sleeping’: Dream Catalogue III by Rachael de Moravia


the names of swords
(something) has its own subtext
sleepingmind torturing wakingbody Continue reading “From ‘Notes on Not Sleeping’: Dream Catalogue III by Rachael de Moravia”


3 Poems by Jessie Janeshek


The First Talkie

Long hair was always the prettiest.

            Select the star to supersede

            what was your zodiac sign

select me to say I’m home now

            home down in the woods in my pink and white dress

            w/ the blue bear sewn on it. Continue reading “3 Poems by Jessie Janeshek”

2 Poems by Jacob Schepers


[Ugly ground   swell moss]


Ugly ground    swell moss

finds you worth keeping

near     Ugly ground    swell moss knows

a face of you you cannot        Ugly ground

swell moss wants you all to itself      to cover

you until your surface area is its surface area Continue reading “2 Poems by Jacob Schepers”

Stalker by Mark Goodwin




black refraction beyond crucifix
will rail stretch surfaces’ sharp tensions?

grace-solid canal surfaces Continue reading “Stalker by Mark Goodwin”

I am still here by hiromi suzuki


I lost my words. I can not open the can. In the tin can, the golf balls are rolling and I lost my words. I can not open the can. In the tin can, the golf balls are rolling and murmuring. Each word takes apart inside the can and has no context already. Even though I can not pull them out, I am still here. Continue reading “I am still here by hiromi suzuki”

Tercets for Remembering a Dream by Jessica Beyer


[Attempt 1]


Climb through the window
so I can touch your hair.
We breathe into the space

between us so grass can spread
across it without alarming anyone. Continue reading “Tercets for Remembering a Dream by Jessica Beyer”

2 Poems by Candice Wuehle







So we [poet + reader] thought some badness was coming
to take away our dreams: leave us without light,
leave us with our darkness. We wanted to exhibit our
dreams even though dreams are archetypes + boring
and it is so invasive when we tell others they have made
cameo in our night-visions: this assures the other
we wish to possess them in a room their body cannot
enter. Continue reading “2 Poems by Candice Wuehle”

diagnosis by Darya Kulbashna

what your shadow told me (2017)
Image by Darya Kulbashna, “What your shadow told me”

voices given to those undeserving I see needles in this tank of water and the reflection goes blind seeing me seeing me rather emptiness than a sign of disease

the world is the world is not what you see what we see comfort and defeat go together exploration is uncalled for experimentation is blasphemous dogmatic traps Continue reading “diagnosis by Darya Kulbashna”

The Ley by R.M. Francis


It’s the Wren’s Nest – part housing estate, part nature reserve – it’s the Wrenner to us.
Frogspawn slicks in silica sheets across Green Pool; carrion crow calls; the foxes den – too close to the road – vixens crushed against tarmac; limestone cliffs weathered by prehistoric waves; the underground caves – the fenced off caverns – the canal lines that vein through; rabbits, badgers, weasels; and rusted cans and cigarette buts and flytipped sacks and discarded clothes and the stained knickers of a fallen wench; limes, acorn, hawthorn, bluebell and stinky wild garlic; bell pits, old mine shafts and geological tools; dog walkers amble through slippery tributaries of homemade paths; rope-swinging kids up a height in the oaks; the silence; the almost silence; the rhizomes that pierce through earth’s hymen and tangle, conjugate, apomixis, epitoky. Continue reading “The Ley by R.M. Francis”

Going by by Kevin Jackson



Walking with the canal,
flurries of all who’ve been before,
my footsteps on theirs.
Going by.
Going on.
Two swans keep faith.
Mucky water clouds,
one inversion turns another, Continue reading “Going by by Kevin Jackson”

The Crossing by Voima Oy


The uneasy feelings began when we crossed the line of wire, past the guards distracted by a white delivery van. No one stopped us as we turned onto a side road. Rydell was driving, Vanya and Tori were asleep in the back. I watched the lights receding, the faint green glow on the road ahead. Continue reading “The Crossing by Voima Oy”

Reintroduction to Anatomy by Elytron Frass


She fell in love with her specimen: took note of his

legs; one, a millimeter shorter than the other, lacked the

purity of hemispheric symmetry. His tiny simple eyes dilated

when the artificial light rays would refract off of the perfect Continue reading “Reintroduction to Anatomy by Elytron Frass”

3 Poems by stephanie roberts




Silence is the seed to grow my desire–silence and luck.
A large body of water shares clear clean glaze whispers
hydrogen bonding; its difficulty is holding stillness; that’s not
the fate God gave it. Lake Michigan’s azure nudity faces
forward, echoes difference and distances, says Eden. Continue reading “3 Poems by stephanie roberts”

A Poem by Olga Dermott



this wetsuit

is tight,

too tight

right up to

my neck

i am zipped up

with pain Continue reading “A Poem by Olga Dermott”

2 Poems by Adam Strauss


His Body Retold

He abraded marble
Until he reached skin, inner than
Any thigh and equally muscular.
He plucked flowers off vines
And glued them with marrow
To stone slab as it becomes
Altar, ulterior
Motive for fiction and
Its facts: go in too Continue reading “2 Poems by Adam Strauss”

2 Poems by Elisabeth Horan


Basement Mother

You married such a sick woman
do you regret it now?
The way I’ve tortured us for years
the way I burned the house down – Continue reading “2 Poems by Elisabeth Horan”

Are We There Yet? by Joseph Schreiber


Unless I identify myself, no one’s the wiser. I’m unclassified. What you see is all you never get , or less than you expect. Depending. Mutated, I am two countries with an unmediated border. Continue reading “Are We There Yet? by Joseph Schreiber”

Altered Photography by Karissa Lang

Karissa Lang’s series of manipulated photographs, “I Was Here,” presents snap-shots of hazy memories from her own childhood in which she is the absent protagonist. Lang replaces the index of her physical body with some of the classic obscuring aesthetics of the photographic medium, namely, over-exposure and darkness. The eerie glow emanating from her face  represents an inward movement associated with time-travel, as pieces of memories are reconstructed with her true sense of identity missing at the core. In other areas, her body is blacked out into a type of  flattened silhouette, another indication of the gap that separates these family records from her physical body and memory.


Cousins  Continue reading “Altered Photography by Karissa Lang”

The Lifeguard by Katie Quinnelly


The Lifeguard

And now I have to tell you about a dream. Or rather, several dreams, or rather, one continuous dream over several nights. In the dream a guy I know, who is actually an electrician, was a lifeguard. Continue reading “The Lifeguard by Katie Quinnelly”

3 Poems by Paul Cunningham


(Photographs by Paul Cunningham)



there are many storefronts in this mall
and there are many reflections
there is drama there is something reflected
there are mirror columns in this mall
they are for the people they are for the looking
but there are no people in this mall
there is some drama in this mall
there are mirror columns in this mall
but there are no people in this mall
there is a proscenium stage in this mall
a former DEB retail chain store
there is a proscenium stage in this mall
a former DEB retail chain store
there is some drama in this mall
chains and masks and drama in this mall
there is drama there is something reflected
there is something reflected in this mall
but there are no people in this mall
there is something reflected in this mall
chains and masks and drama in this mall
but there are no people in this mall

Continue reading “3 Poems by Paul Cunningham”

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