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Four Pieces by Angie Hedman


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Three poems by Joanna Nissel


The Catheter Aria

The crescendo eclipses
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moonskin by Yvonne Litschel

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CLOG bodily (excerpts from the novel) by Grant Maierhofer

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Patron by Andrew Robert Hodgson

Hiccup. It’s only a – and repetition is for?

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lips by Eve Black

when the blood came the nowhere voice said paint your lips red
this was under the table in the blank space between sweetheart and cunt
I obeyed as I always do the nowhere voice

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My Sweet Darling by hiromi suzuki

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July 2018 Guest Editor Is Lara Alonso Corona!!! Theme/s: BODIES (Ugly bodies — Queer bodies — Uncomfortable bodies — Bodies in summer)

Burning House Press are excited to welcome Lara Alonso Corona as our sixth guest editor! Lara will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of July.

Submissions for Lara are open from today – 1st July and will remain open until 24th July.

Lara’s Theme/s for the month are as follows


(Ugly bodies — Queer bodies — Uncomfortable bodies — Bodies in summer)

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Liminal Spaces – June 2018 Guest Editor James Pate

Liminal Spaces – June 2018 Guest Editor James Pate – here is the final edition of all selections curated by James Pate during the month of June 2018 for his theme of Liminal Spaces – thank you so much to James for all his hard work during the month and for the impeccable way he managed and curated his month’s editorship. To have been avid readers and fans of James’ writing – especially his essays during the days of the incredible and much-missed Montevidayo site – to have James collaborate on BHP for a month has been such a dream experience. Thanks, James! – and Thank You So Much to all who contributed such magic work to the theme – Here it is, June 2018 guest editor James Pate’s Liminal Spaces edition – enjoy! Continue reading “Liminal Spaces – June 2018 Guest Editor James Pate”

Fibres of Elevate by Clare Archibald and Brian McHenry

Fibres of Elevate_1_preview.jpg

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Cross Fictions by Garett Strickland

Gustave Moreau, “Orpheus at the Tomb of Eurydice”

THE DESERT SAYS the father’s dead it’s a hole we’re standing on, a grain of death, the grain of His death white in the Son praised white the only time. Remembering money is the medicine the judge said others were to take, a dead brother slayne in stammering name of my father’s dark kentucky I made, the tally thrown down to create. Continue reading “Cross Fictions by Garett Strickland”

Collages by Alyssa Ciamp

Ancient Egress 1
Ancient Egress 2

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Poetry by Lisa L. Weber



I lie awake, my eyes fixed on the emptiness above,

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3 Poems by Sara Matson



<nite out>

syringe brains
have their queen
of jazz //
“smells of rotted
he wailed into
velvet curtains, Continue reading “3 Poems by Sara Matson”

Crevice by Trina Young


Corinne shrunk herself to bird size, just hatched.

Cupped on a leaf, she floated down from a tree branch delicately. Her mind rocked back and forth, rocking the leaf back and forth. This was something she did sometimes when she needed to calm down, more relaxing than counting to ten. In her vision, a centipede dropped into the leaf, the comfort cut off completely. Continue reading “Crevice by Trina Young”

Ash and Stardust vi: Mars and Saturn walk into a teahouse and are ambushed by the Moon with Neptune cackling on the roof

Ash and Stardust, a monthly column by artist and writer DHIYANAH HASSAN, explores the intersections of tarot with healing and creativity. These are personal essays and articles sharing experiences of growth as someone who has recently found a deep connection to tarot. You can read the rest of the pieces here.

As a Scorp Sun with Cap rising, this Mars Retrograde plus Capricorn full moon has been at the forefront of my headspace. It’s proving to be a groundbreaking combination for energetic upgrades. Nevermind that since Neptune stationed retrograde, I’ve spent most of my night-time hours getting deeper into dream work. Maybe I’ll write more about that one day – I’m mostly reeling from how absolutely sublime and affirming these experiences are and although I do feel like sharing about them, I still tip-toe around the language for it, hesitant for now. Mostly I’m just allowing things to unfold while my body nags me to both get some work done and to take time off so it can fully catch up with everything.

This Mars Rx reminds me a lot of the Knights cards in reverse, particularly the Knight of Wands. A warrior in reverse is a warrior that performs best in the shadows – observing, strategizing, recharging. Forced into action, this warrior might catalyze chaos via misunderstandings, accidents, or battles with no victory in sight – but not all chaos is unnecessary and a warrior can hold this knowledge well in their body when they’re able to get out of their own way. One way to override self-sabotaging habits is through intention setting and gratitude journaling.

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Images by Abbie Foxton

Voices in Artificial Light 

Voices 7

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Photos/poem by Kim Koga




[She clamps the eyes]

She clamps the eyes

one last

time and begins to pluck the


She keeps their necks tied

and gallops

alongside Continue reading “Photos/poem by Kim Koga”

A Pulser Sunsetting by Rebecca Grandsen


My father took me down to the stream and tore my denim dress. The sun tinkled on the water while I tasted it, all fish scales and mud. He stepped along the downy bank, between high scarlet grasses, broken from the wind. Eyes veined. His neck contorted with the strain of watching me float, tendons rigid. Continue reading “A Pulser Sunsetting by Rebecca Grandsen”

3 Poems by Jayme Russell


I am an amputated arm – trying to accept my body’s state of mind


after four hours of spasms

I went to work wearing your watch

thinking that it would hold me

closer to my body

no one noticed the ticking

I raised the mug to my mouth Continue reading “3 Poems by Jayme Russell”

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