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Two Poems by Theresa Sullivan






When nights steal in I paint

a house filling with water.


 I make the exit transparent,

front door gray and ghostly beneath


seawater creeping past the baseboards,

sloshing over the table,

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Learning to write again – Megan Merchant



Learning to write again.


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Three Poems by Judith Roney



I See My House, My Field

after Marianne Boruch


My son lives there now, in his winter

like a husky dog burrows in snow.


Most of the rooms (yes, I can see them from Florida)

are muted by cold, and the furniture


is still the maple my mother bought the year

she had her affair with my father.


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A Series of Poems by Cynthia Cruz




“Writing also means not speaking. Keeping silent.” M.D.,Writing.

 MD is mute. She throws her voice into the text and there, her voice, resides. There, in the book, we hear her screams, we hear her weeping. But alone, in her giant white mansion, she speaks to no one. She paces, endlessly, the only sound, the sound of flies and death emanating from within the cracked walls.

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Two Poems by Lucy Whitehead



I know how to be a beetle stranded on its back,

a moth pinned flat inside a frame, a wildflower

pressed between the pages of a book, a petroglyph,

a fragment of my former self, a rock, a photograph.

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Quiet//Rot by Sylvia Warren




It is never really about thinness. It is certainly not about fashion, or fitting in, or models. It is facile to call it perfectionism, because it is not striving for a perfect body. It is an act of erasure, but also of tactility and isolation.  That is what I miss.

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Two Poems by Nicodemus Nicoludis



Untitled [Elegy For the Memory of a Relationship]


It isn’t the space

the closeness of knowing

somebody so well

we hear their heartbeat

inside ours,

or the aperture of life

squinting one morning at a time,

but I freeze right there,

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Weathering – F.E. Clark

F. E. Clark_Daily Painting_15th April 2013



She lies down in the snow,

kissing hoar frost pinpoints of silver light.

Slides into hibernation,

shedding faces as she sleeps.

Fusion, fused, frozen,

turn, turning, turned.


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Two Poems by Kristina Bicher


Lazarus & the Real Boy



was born a plain boy we

christened STUART

and thus it went


             first his brain yellowed then grew

             claws and we

             were sore afraid

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February 2019 Guest Editor Is ADRIANNA ROBERTSON!!! Theme/s: The Mind As Prison & Asylum

Burning House Press are excited to welcome ADRIANNA ROBERTSON as our FEBRUARY 2019 guest editor! As of today Adrianna will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of February.

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Featured Photo Artist – Amanda Ollinik

Our Photo artist for the month, Amanda Ollinik, supplied almost all the featured photos used(except for two or three). She is as prolific as our poetry/fiction contributors, and very well take her talent seriously. We are grateful to her and her partner, Lydia, for making the month as photogenic as it can be. Continue reading “Featured Photo Artist – Amanda Ollinik”

The Artisan’s Defense – Hege Jakobsen Lepri

       The Artisan’s Defense

He’d blame the desert if they ever found him. Golden sunsets were wasted on him, made his eyes dry, clouded his mind. He saw no signs in the horizon, no maps to promised lands. The desert was for prophets, men without a trade, who could do nothing but lift their clumsy hands to the sky and then coil upon the ground, savoring their shortcomings before G-d. Continue reading “The Artisan’s Defense – Hege Jakobsen Lepri”

Water Witching – Jamie Hood

Water Witching


Lend me your ears; I am telling you stories. My cave is empty. I have nothing else to give. There is a mountain in Norway called the Storebalak, where, in March of ’86, an avalanche ate 16 soldiers. This is known as the Vassdalen Incident. Consider the number 16. Consider the numbered dead. This was of 31 of them. Consider the avalanche merciful. Consider I am telling you facts now. Let it be known this is a history. Who Continue reading “Water Witching – Jamie Hood”

Faith Is An Egg With A Thin Shell – Susanna Crossman

Faith Is An Egg With A Thin Shell

Faith is a word I hold in my hand, safe in my palm, enclosed by the nest of my upturned fingers. Take faith to the lips: said, spoken, delivered, a birth of song spills from a secret mouth. If you speak faith, the five letters advance with an F, stridently like a French ‘fanfare’, a lawless, troubadour’s marching band. Then the word melts in the wind of aaaith, an elongated, rushing sound. Faith closes with the delicateness of th. Place the tongue, feather-light, by the teeth. Faith, faith, faith.

Rilke said, “Have faith that in this love there is a strength and a blessing so large that you Continue reading “Faith Is An Egg With A Thin Shell – Susanna Crossman”

Homoerratica 3 (Apologetics) – Joshua Palmer

Homoerratica (Apologetics)

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 20.04.39screen shot 2019-01-30 at 20.05.04




bhp author photoJoshua Palmer is an artist and writer pursuing an MFA at the University of Pittsburgh, but he is from Texas the way windmills, dirt, and Dairy Queens are from Texas. He is currently doing research for a manuscript about a gay bathhouse fire. His poetry has appeared in SPF LIT MAG, Spectrum Culture, and Popula (forthcoming). You can follow him on twitter @gummybrzpalmer.

Featured photo credit: Amanda Ollinik  @Allunderonemoon

1. Mark Making 2. Mistaking the Parts for the Whole 3. Point of View – Elisa Taber

Mark Making

Tape tacked on a lamp
Post. “I” spray-painted
On someone’s lawn.
A raised book casting
A shadow on the pulpit.

Missing: child
Perplexed by flyer, home-
Owner, priest. Continue reading “1. Mark Making 2. Mistaking the Parts for the Whole 3. Point of View – Elisa Taber”

1. Lucidity At The Edge Of The Abyss 2. Afterlife Of Battered – Bobbi Lurie

Lucidity At The Edge Of The Abyss

his father brought him to me in his arms and i said
“forget those doctors my friend take this clay in your hand and your hand
will move again”
and it did (his hand did move again) (doctors said there was no chance) (what force gave me the nerve to say)(same force that gives me this day cancer leaping through this body as it is all laws pale to insignificance)
death is my friend take me any time says i Continue reading “1. Lucidity At The Edge Of The Abyss 2. Afterlife Of Battered – Bobbi Lurie”

1. Preachers On The Street, and 2. Burning In Crowded Places – DS Maolalai

Preachers On The Street

the thing is
at least
they have guts enough
to believe in something.
it takes
to go that far;
standing on a streetcorner
screaming at strangers. Continue reading “1. Preachers On The Street, and 2. Burning In Crowded Places – DS Maolalai”

Music Number Four: Talus Deposits – Robert Frederic Kenter

Music Number Four: Talus Deposits

When grandmother died, mother turned off the lights. From a high rise I see across harbours. Veins on your nose. A snapped rose.
This is a scree.


The roads are filled with transistor radios. Playing Springsteen songs. Here comes the night: American neo-troubadour melodies.


the funeral, of course, took place after Friday night Sabbath. Continue reading “Music Number Four: Talus Deposits – Robert Frederic Kenter”

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