Liminal Spaces – June 2018 Guest Editor James Pate – here is the final edition of all selections curated by James Pate during the month of June 2018 for his theme of Liminal Spaces – thank you so much to James for all his hard work during the month and for the impeccable way he managed and curated his month’s editorship. To have been avid readers and fans of James’ writing – especially his essays during the days of the incredible and much-missed Montevidayo site – to have James collaborate on BHP for a month has been such a dream experience. Thanks, James! – and Thank You So Much to all who contributed such magic work to the theme – Here it is, June 2018 guest editor James Pate’s Liminal Spaces edition – enjoy!


June 5th

2 Poems by Kristin Garth

Stars in the Stairwell by F.E. Clark


June 7th

The Valkyries by Amber Agha

Never Quite As It Seems by Mike Dressel


June 8th

insomnia by Eve Black

2 Poems by David Peak


June 9th

An Essay by M. Perle


June 10th

From Where I Fall by Bola Opaleke


June 11th

Shadow Man by Rob True

Who’s Chirping Yer Hand? by Olivia Cronk

Inhale to Rise by Victoria Briggs


June 12th

3 Poems by Paul Cunningham

Altered Photography by Karissa Lang

The Lifeguard by Katie Quinnelly


June 13th

2 Poems by Elisabeth Horan

Are We There Yet? by Joseph Schreiber


June 14th

2 Poems by Adam Strauss

A Poem by Olga Dermott


June 15th

Reintroduction to Anatomy by Elytron Frass

3 Poems by stephanie roberts

The Crossing by Voima Oy

Going by by Kevin Jackson


June 16th

The Ley by R.M. Francis


June 18th

diagnosis by Darya Kulbashna


June 19th

2 Poems by Candice Wuehle

Tercets for Remembering a Dream by Jessica Beyer


June 20th

I am still here by hiromi suzuki

Stalker by Mark Goodwin


June 21st

2 Poems by Jacob Schepers


June 22nd

3 Poems by Jessie Janeshek

From ‘Notes on Not Sleeping’: Dream Catalogue III by Rachael de Moravia


June 23rd

2 Poems by Bobbi Lurie

3 Poems by Susan Richardson


June 26th

3 Poems by Clare Needham

The Sky Became the Perfect Colour and Back Again by Laura Ellen Joyce

3 Poems by Jayme Russell

from FREAKOPHONE WORLD by Madison McCartha


June 27th

A Pulser Sunsetting by Rebecca Grandsen


June 28th

Photos/poem by Kim Koga

Images by Abbie Foxton

Crevice by Trina Young

3 Poems by Sara Matson

Poetry by Lisa L. Weber

Collages by Alyssa Ciamp


June 29th

Cross Fictions by Garett Strickland

Fibres of Elevate by Clare Archibald and Brian McHenry