They Caught Me Giving Them Food

 they caught me giving them food so i had to stop doing it
some food which i knew they would find
otherwise it was the loudspeaker or something given me to read
they said we were the cause of war poverty hunger all their misfortunes
an order was given so they marched toward
a few quietly crying
children with anxious eyes
old men in beards
apparently they knew what was awaiting them
they obeyed apathetically
(i mean this is life, right?)
all crammed into huts
method always same if worked
let’s talk: efficiency
let’s talk: profit

(how we pressed against each other) 


No Time To Change Your Life 

 To walk quiet you must grow old
A body of rain the soles on your feet
Creeping needle feelings torn and heavy
A heart full of forests and lost ways
A shadow of light wavering in the black mirror
The water looks frail and dark
Like the splinter of your palm
Broken and ruined is the city
Seen from your winter face


bio photo drawing burning house

Bobbi Lurie is the author of four poetry collections, most recently “the morphine poems.” She is currently working on a book about / with Marcel Duchamp.