Author’s Introduction: Disinterested in traditional performances of black identity, FREAKOPHONE WORLD is a series of occult recordings, hauntings & invocations performing new black diasporic identities in an increasingly globalized society. At times Afrofuturist, Weird & intensely intimate, this is an unruly, resistant poetry whose infectious speaker utters itself as a fictional, yet recognizable other, & whose textual body is itself a diaspora.






when a committee



             my goat-body into a whitestwhite-


nowhere so starved & beaten


                                   i’ll tell you anything

at the merest gaze

of a chamber

                                   shocks of jonquils


babble from a suture like


                       this suffer-maggot lapses


through the scrim-between-




excuse me     any more room?


for my microbeak crowning


                           through a bullet-


wound in my temple     my new neck

lolling like



                     i am the corpse-lord


of a country that doesn’t



                      can i help you?


                        if i stop moving


i’ll probably die


                                 in my goo


money is so tight

this humble earwig-

                                      demon sells the jonquils off


my moss-belly—

clicking my cleft-



when i am floating in the oil-scrim


leave a copper bowl in the attic overnight     in the morning     spill me

in the milk of your first-born     in your arms     & look down


into my eyes     in the end     when you too become a patina-green-    

earwig-freshly-spit-into-the-infraspook     it will be your turn to show me


a love     without the barest



               across the border


i’m not the only polyp


conspiring against the toad-



my bog-snout winnowing


                   in the marsh-fat-

lipping-along-the-harbor like


no big deal     this is my friend




when we billow


through this orchard

of tongues


an air-strike sends


me & my twenty-orphaned-



back into the infraspook


                            in the fallout


scientists studying

the stump-rings say


if i want to see


i must roll my eyes


back through the wide-black



of sunflowers


sprouting from every



this body was evicted from


the well     the photograph thrown


into these aseptic-zip-tied-



every murder in its glass



behind each tinted-


lens     there are treasures


so filthy we can hold them


to the neon

                        & see ourselves

mercury of my mercury


                        rising to meet the dusk


above the rubble where

my new hologram-


body crabs out to the fringes of its terminal


to ask the seafoam


how to shiver





when i am gone


                        & these fiber optics still ignite


as an ad for Nike

                                                what then?


my gamma-tendrils spreading


                               over the hills like a klepto—


i wasn’t looking to be saved


when the maple-sprouts shoot


through a slit in the page


                                         so my eyes can hatch


in a village along the tree line’s polychrome-



i scrape myself out of

                                             the velvet-


pram in the glade-chafe


where the child-corpse deposits its mineral-


                              before falling—


i hop a fence


& core the photoplasm from the book


                               like the purest cut of factory-



for a thimble-breath of darkness


                                    outside the sentence

i lift the veil


so my nematode-

sprites can get a whiff of empire—


when the first solar rose


repeats in the hillside’s optic-



            we wring the image from the model like

a dye


& chew on its viscera




 Madison McCartha is a black poet whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, DREGINALD, Full-Stop, The Journal, Jubilat, Yalobusha Review, The Pinch, and elsewhere. He has served as the Design Editor for Cream City Review, and became the Poetry Editor for Storm Cellar. Madison holds an MFA from the University of Notre Dame and will be a 2018 Artist-In-Residence at The Millay Colony for the Arts.