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Artist Statement: 


Abbie Foxton has spent years studying the hidden world of people reflected in paintings, capturing their moods and responses to works of art all over the world. She is the unassuming shadow, looking through a pinhole into a space where several moments intersect the photos. We freeze at that opening, capturing the frame, allowing the viewer and the subject to inhabit a candid experience. It seems to open a little dimension that is so fleeting. A teleflection upon glass and paint that watches the subject mentally reflect on something else. There dwells the time freeze stillness. They either engage or perform a dance in code, restless bees, given the wrong map, not interested in spent flowers.

Voices In Artificial Light series seems to split open a mirror revealing a space that’s unspoken. We see one another but don’t see what the other is seeing. On days when the hunt for Voices is unrewarding, Abbie turns to portraiture of backs of heads. On a good day she can see directly through and catch their minds.

Abbie is a reviewer of underground literature and music. You can follow her blog abbiefoxton.com and also on twitter https://twitter.com/thehungryfox

You can find more Voices In Artificial Light and photography via urbanfpics.wordpress.com and also on twitter Urban F https://twitter.com/UrbanF_