the names of swords
(something) has its own subtext
sleepingmind torturing wakingbody

an ambulance crossing the motorway with its lights flashing and little red rooster on the radio (Stones) as we go under the bridge it’s the bit about the dog barking, remember
dad’s story about when they were younger it was bad luck to speak if you saw an ambulance until you heard a dog bark

fewer ambulances and more dogs in those days

COPS think they are above the LAW
“resisting arrest” they think that allows them any sort of force, cannot reason with them
don’t teach them de-escalation techniques
study counter-insurgency techniques?

perplexed >> latin perplexus >> entangled from plectere ‘to weave’

co-existing with myself
have now fractured

motherhood is ungrateful
how are we to know how selfless feels?




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