– What is the night?

– Almost at odds with morning, which is which.


I carry the knives


I’m twisted in white sheets

                       maggot woman

                                    cocooned murder


            your bad dreams conceived me

their sticky bodies

                                    sliced the moon

                                    cut her up

            and my eyes ignited

                        you fucking pathetic little man


Research has linked insomnia to high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and other ailments.


                        but who cares

                        I’m made of milk and curses

                        shadow light

                        a ghost in the crowd streaming towards the Bakerloo Line

                        bitter laughter

                        eyes without a face


            maybe I don’t want to sleep

            maybe I don’t need to


in and out of day’s delirium


                        if we can’t rest

                        if we have no home no bed

                        we can still lose definition

                        in the fission of bodies


Insomnia symptoms may include: difficulty falling asleep at night; waking up during the night; waking up too early; not feeling well-rested after a night’s sleep; daytime tiredness or sleepiness; irritability, depression or anxiety.


                                    easy for you to say


            when I was driving back from the West Country I thought I saw you standing

            by the roadside with blood

                        on your face


                                    don’t ask me to be reasonable

                                    don’t ever demand that of me


            I’m a corpse in white sheets

                        kiss me

                                    see if I wake up


                        when I was driving back                    I thought I saw you

                                                with blood


in out

in out

shake it all about


            you screamed so loud my ears rang


                        afterwards we partied hard


Eve Black writes poems. Twitter: @Ev3diary.