Walking with the canal,
flurries of all who’ve been before,
my footsteps on theirs.
Going by.
Going on.
Two swans keep faith.
Mucky water clouds,
one inversion turns another,
upside down ducks
quacking on.
There’s a bit where it goes
feral, even waves stir.
A bit where it skulks,
rebel behind concrete.

A bit where the path necks in
and cyclists gear up.
Another where it sloshes
about, hooligan.
That bit where my great aunt
would halt
to coax the blackberries fatter.
A moorhen far
from any moor.

The top lock

we never swam in,
famous for what’s beneath.

The bit through the works,
or the ghosts of them.
Then where it loosens,
almost is a river,
where voice finds voice
and are singing.

The bit where it ends.
Or is beginning



kj performing 2


Kevin Jackson, based in Nottingham, has been writing poetry “that dares care” for over ten years, with a steady record of publication online, in journals and anthologies.  As a queer activist, he’s passionate about supporting socially aware projects that raise understanding and challenge assumptions. His first book, a collection of poems called Touching you, was published in 2016. He’s also recently been published in HCE Magazine, RFD magazine, the Words for Walls project run by the University of Nottingham and Over land, over sea, the Poems 4 People anthology in solidarity with refugees. Kevin is a member of the DIY Poets collective in Nottingham and a keen performer on the spoken word scene. He blogs at https://www.facebook.com/kevinjacksonpoetry