black refraction beyond crucifix
will rail stretch surfaces’ sharp tensions?

grace-solid canal surfaces

listening refraction
clarity’s beyond man’s

sleep’s snout will bleed
carries film-men between


refraction stretch will
refraction beyond will between


black will grace listening
clarity’s sleep’s film


will between listening-film
stretch beyond grace sleep


film film sleep


crucifix tensions surfaces
man’s refraction carries between


man soaked sleep black
weed’s refraction

snout beyond
fall’s crucifix

wire will
follow rail

by voice(-)stretch

empty word surfaces
woman’s pool fire-sharp

rubs tensions


man-soaked listening grace
conveyed clarity’s tender solid

ringed telegraph-formidable will
die between frames of canal

lane-dry voice to lights through surfaces


shallow if listening
patient weeds’ refraction

prayer conveyed clarity’s
tender beyond

paws’ crucifix man’s


between’s sheen-sleep
black-shaped refraction-snout

beyond paws a will


canal a listening prayer through bleed
is things light carries

I will in gap between frames film
only no men

slip’s seas heat air’s sure face between


tension’s soul but like a bad-road will
a paw’s shaped sleep-sheen between



man on a shallow-canal
-sheen soaked as if a

sleep but listening

a black-dog grace patient as prayer
-shaped weeds conveyed through

a refraction-clarity’s long bleed

a snout as tender as death is
to beyond our solid things

paws’ falls ringed by wet light

a crucifix-telegraph carries
a wire(d) man’s form   idable weakness             I


die in

                        a gap




                        two frames

                        of film


will only follow canal only
road only rail only lane no

bad deeds by dry men
a woman’s voice slips

a pool to stretch to seas

like fire empty of light’s heat
but sharp as word through air

soul rubs at surfaces’
tensions that are



Mark Goodwin writes and speaks in various ways. He also sound-enhances poems using field-recordings & software. Mark has published five full-length poetry collections & five chapbooks with Leafe Press’s Open House Editions, Longbarrow Press, Knives Forks & Spoons Press, Small Minded Books, Nine Arches Press, & Shearsman Books. Another full-length collection – which also includes fiction – called Rock as Gloss, is forthcoming with Longbarrow Press. Mark lives on boat in Leicestershire, and he is a balancer, walker, climber, and stroller …