Burning House Press would like to thank July’s Guest Editor Lara Alonso Corona for selecting a fantastic theme in // B O D I E S // – and for all of the endeavour and hard work that has gone into selecting/curating/presenting the contributions received over the month – there was a high volume of submissions and Lara has dealt with the editorial duties and challenges with great grace, diligence and expertise – THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, LARA!!!

Massive thank you also goes to everyone who contributed to Lara’s theme and continues to send BHP your  writing and art – we are so happy and grateful that you entrust us with your work, thank you!!! xX

Here it is, the B O D I E S edition – every selection in one place for you to read/peruse – enjoy!!! xX

6th July

My Sweet Darling by hiromi suzuki

7th July

lips by Eve Black

10th July

Patron by Andrew Robert Hodgson

13th July

CLOG bodily (excerpts from the novel) by Grant Maierhofer

15th July

moonskin by Yvonne Litschel

16th July

Three poems by Joanna Nissel

18th July

Four Pieces by Angie Hedman

Hemicorporectomy by Kayla Bashe

19th July

Reverse pirouette by Bertie Marshall

Tripped Tic by James Knight

20th July

An elf turns inside out for the dragon by Kate Garrett

21st July

Two poems by Jenna Velez

Celestial Bodies by Jessica Sequeira

22nd July

Reality/Fantasy by Michèle Fry

a… scare that tricks the mind (half-waking). … (fragments.—of-from a dream-dreams? … ) by Mark Bolsover

23rd July

Four pieces by Atefeh Ahmadi

As Day Breaks by Tianna Grosch

24th July

Spectator Sport by Marta Zawieja

Three poems by Myene Yanu

25th July

Three poems by Jessica Beyer

Two poems by Vanessa Maki

26th July

Some Body by Florence Lenaers

Three poems by Betsy Housten

27th July

Untitled Carpet by John Boursnell

Number 18 by Paul Hawkins

Hot Joints by Laura Tavasse

28th July

Girl at End at the Algorave by Richard Brammer

The Unforgiving Season by Paula Geanau

Two poems by Alexis Diano Sikorski

Two poems by Juliette van der Molen

29th July

MONGREL by Jelle Cauwenberghs

Art + Poetry by nublaccsoul

When the Sickness is a Permanent Physical Thing by Gervanna Stephens

30th July

MONDONGO by Louis Armand

Translations of a Post-Apocalyptic Love by Jessica Ciccarelli

The Unrecalled by Rita Hynes

The Only Trans Girl at the Party II by Alison Rumfitt