Coping is cunt, come, compute
diminution raising, distortion, neurotic
distortioned I can run
I cannot come

I stand in the daylight on the street I am afraid of,

A room with no doors
Love, Guilt, and Reparations:
Displayed, Replayed, Replaced
The roof is soft tar
I cannot run

I stand in the day right on the sheet I am afraid of,
I put batteries in the vibrator

“Dissolving boundaries”
anxiety is a sort of vulnerability
which is intimate,
undulations, preparation, prescription
bow legging to find a center
pleasure, under siege

when to quit
it’s trying



‘GPS’ Autocorrects to ‘God’ and ‘Autocorrects’
autocorrects to ‘Ah, to erect’

Sunday’s are for piety

Lit the votive candle on a Saturday, crossed
right to left, or is it the other way around

the spring inside the doorknob, when it accidently twists
left, we exit in loud sounds

Events before I might be Dying” anew mantra

Making is in tension
Between seen and staying present


We watch Hypernormalization for a few hours
He speculates that this episode was intentionally quiet and uncovered
I wonder whether it was an episode or documentary- I am reminded of

Is self-sufficiency, the customer from Moscow who asked to whip melancholy

My favorite paramedic smokes his cigarette less than 5 feet from the door but, does that make him a killer
I stood behind the woman with the paper bag of sunflowers, her frame familiar
in the way that mine will weather like that
A man passes us

“Why do you smoke cigarettes like that if you are so pretty?”
Why do you touch yourself when God is watching


Found Abject

I leave the nerves on all night, the lights were gone since then
You have no legs, when your power is caught up like that

Myene Yanu is a recent graduate from Tufts University where she studied art, but should’ve studied psychology. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she is on medication, but PTSD is forever. This year she loses health insurance and hopes to go back to school so she can get a job that offers health insurance. Twitter: @at_the_gym_

Image: Forever thrown away by Peter (Creative Commons)