when the blood came the nowhere voice said paint your lips red
this was under the table in the blank space between sweetheart and cunt
I obeyed as I always do the nowhere voice

but that was years ago
before I smashed my heart-shaped shades

just try talking to me trust me take my hand in yours look
kiss my forehead like I kissed yours look
we’ll walk along the beach no one will see we’ll kiss look

can’t hear there’s interference kiss me can’t hear

kiss my ripereadytoeat
kiss my swollen my red
kiss my bestbefore

or get dressed and forget it

screaming dream queens lip syncing

to Paradise City

oh won’t you please take me home

I cut up the bodies and buried them in your living room
in your vases in your coffee table art mags under your Habitat sofa
I hope I didn’t leave a mess

kiss my trybeforeyoubuy
kiss my 0%finance
kiss my termsandconditionsapply
kiss my folded my deep

he called me carpet muncher so I seduced his wife

the nowhere voice makes planes fall out of the sky


Eve Black writes poems. Twitter: @Ev3diary

Image: red lamps field by Milosz1 (Creative Commons)