James’ notes: “All three pieces deconstruct mediated notions of femininity through glitched photographs of women that enact the violence of the sexualised gaze. Superimposed on each image is a brief text, generated by cutting up excerpts from Bram Stoker’s The Lair of the White Worm and the horrifically misogynistic depiction of Sin in Paradise Lost. I’ve entitled the suite of three Tripped Tic, not just as a horrible play on words, but to acknowledge the way in which people’s reactions to porn and other conventionalised representations of women are triggered/tripped by the framing narratives made by those who profit from such representations. Sexual arousal itself then becomes a tic – something involuntary, repetitive, potentially damaging.”

James Knight is an experimental writer and digital artist, whose work is preoccupied with dreams, mirrors, fire and mannequins. As @badbadpoet, he explores the creative possibilities of Twitter, and has embarked on numerous collaborations with other writers and artists, for example through such collective Twitter entities as @chimeragroup0 and @echovirus12.