Aaand that’s a wrap! Burning House Press would like to thank November’s Guest Editor PAUL HAWKINS for selecting, curating and presenting an INCREDIBLE array of writing and art on the theme FACING UP TO THE FUTURE – and for all of the endeavour and hard work that has gone into managing the month   – THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, PAUL!!!


Massive thank you also goes to everyone who contributed to the theme and all who continue to send BHP your writing and art – we are so happy and grateful that you entrust us with your work, thank you!!! xX

Here it is, the full FACING UP TO THE FUTURE EDITION – every selection in one place for you to read/peruse – enjoy!!! xX


4th Nov

SJ Fowler: the future-facing, the avant-garde & more via the Scaffold Podcast


5th Nov

Air cooled life-forms: Rob Miller


6th Nov

Sculpted: Richard Biddle


7th Nov

SPLIT – Elanacharan Gunasekaran


8th Nov

Astra Papachristodoulou: Astropolis


9th Nov

SJ Fowler: The Gush & more . . .


10th Nov

Konstantinos Papacharalampos: Hi, Passenger


11th Nov

Mark Goodwin: Beneath Space // Coil Evolver


12th Nov

Caine Tully: Anthropocene #1

Ali Whitelock: kmart sells out of cheap fans made in china


13th Nov


James Knight: Blood Objects

ERKEMBODE: Wilderwall


14th Nov

Alison Graham: 3 poems

Emma Miles: House of Cards


15th Nov

Tom Sharp: Giant Tube Worms

ReVerse Butcher: End-To-End

Julia Lewis: Gut Things


16th Nov

Caine Tully: Anthropocene #2

Daniele Pantano & Erkembode: A Further Reading of Urs Allemann’s Babyfucker (with Dripping Faucet) Concerto No 3 for 2-7 Voices

Alexa Jane Wolff : Standard, Deviation


17th Nov

Oliver Cato: Future Consciousness

JL Bogenschneider: The End Of The Post-, Post-Industrial Age



18th Nov

Alice Willitts: {n; a(t, u) {ral = [w]under

Bobbie-Jo Treglown: War


19th Nov

Theodoros Chiotis: Prayer & Lemon Rinds

Cas Stockford: Pre-Apocalyptic Poetics

Lizzy Turner: Home Practice 1 & 2


20th Nov

Eve Black: Black Scratch 1-3


21st Nov

Cai Draper: The New Discount Chain, Fuck & Systems


22nd Nov

Sarah James/Leavesley: & where, then

Maddison Stoff: Android Court Transcription


23rd Nov

Max Wilkinson: A Hundred Ways The Fire Starts

Pete Treglown: untitled future objects & the garden of technological progress

FE Clark: Myopia


24th Nov

David Turner: fragment – teaspoon

Astra Papachristodoulou: The methodology of Astropolis

Mark Coverdale: Turkeys for Christmas

Jefferson JW Wayne: As Dawn breaks Over the Cancer Factory


25th Nov

Bruno Neiva: Página 28 de la Gramática General Española, found file, 2018

Dustin Kennedy: Response Ability

Josh Lipson: Bossa Nova For The Turchin Twenties


Robert Beveridge: Disconnected


26th Nov

SenSiMus: 3 poems

Bárbara Mesquita: 07/06/2011 12:27

Aimee Campbell: Hospital

Astra Bloom: Night is a Ship

Lucia Sellars: Some Worrisome Watch & The Beauty Sleep

Sophie Essex: Snowfield


27th Nov

Neil Sparkes: kamikaze grappa (the day peace broke out)

Rachel Kass: 2098, Salt, Fire & Yolk

Nick-e Melville: apisodes 2 in insurance

Susanna Crossman: Douze, twelve stakes from these Dark Ages

Patrick Williams: In City Parks, In the Sour Void and New Age Downloads


28th Nov

Gerard Sarnat: You are a bagpipe of insanity

Matthew Haigh: 3 poems

James Mansfield: The destruction of a British museum

Sol Marco Duncan: Is it dirt or healing? & Volatile Ground

Yvonne Litschel: Otic


29th Nov

Kari Ann Flickinger: We make Our Instruments & No Chicken

Aaron Kent: Yellow and white scavenging

Nic Stringer: Raptures & Promises

Eric Blix: Fragments from scrub lands—works in progress

Sally-Shakti Willow: Pranayama, Mudra, B & ha


30th Nov

Lotte L.S. : Over-Mind

Kenneth M. Cale: Coda and Intrazonal Notes

Umang Kalra: Sacred You & Me & My GF Will Change The World

Andre Bagoo: Scarlet Ibis Variations