Burning House Press are excited to welcome JAISHA JENSENA as our DECEMBER guest editor! As of today Jaisha will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of December.

Submissions for Jaisha are open from today – 1st December and will remain open until 24th December.

Jaisha’s Theme for the month is as follows




Jaisha has introduced the theme for your guidance:


At the end of my suffering there was a door – Louise Glück

The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given the door will open – Rumi

How do we journey from materiality to immateriality, from seen to unseen, from birth to death?

How can we interpret the sites of entry and exit? Where does the invitation to enter come from?

I’m interested in work that examines the threshold of wound, and contemplates the places of passage. I’m looking for voices that shakily cross the line and emerge somewhere else, somewhere strange and unfamiliar.

The voyage begins with a jumpstart of courage, the hand on the doorknob knows trepidation but nevertheless persists through and beyond. I’m looking for voices that exit silence and enter into quavers.

Shake those doors open and send them my way. Hybrids, poems, photos, collages–all are welcome


Jaisha Jansena is a writer and performance artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born on the winter solstice, orphaned at birth, and adopted when she was 11 days old. She is an Academy of American Poets College Prizewinner. Find her work at jaishajansena.com


* * *


Be encouraged to explore the possibilities of Doors, those Doors that are open or barred to us, Doors for which there are no keys, Doors for which we are the key, Doors that open one way or both ways, Doors as exits and entrances… but also as internal and external thresh-holds – maybe between states of mind and experience, and also other worlds/zones/universes/realities and possibilities…

For submissions, Jaisha is looking for your poetry, short stories, flash fiction, prose poems, art, collage, painting, photography – as well as non-fiction submissions: essays, reviews, commentary, features, interviews – and all hybrids, fragments and cross-forms.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be sent as attachments to guesteditorbhp@gmail.com

Please state the theme and form of your submission in the subject of the email. For example: DOORS/POETRY

Poetry and Fiction
For poetry submissions, submit no more than three of your best poems. Short stories should be limited to 1,500 words or (preferably) less. We encourage flash fiction submissions, no more than three at a time. Send these in as a .doc or .docx file, along with a short third-person bio, and (optional) photograph of yourself.

Submit hi-res images of your works (drawings, paintings, illustrations, collages, photography, etc) with descriptions of the work (Title, Year, Medium, etc) in the body of the email. Files should be in .JPEG unless they are GIFs or videos, and should not exceed 2MB in size for each work. File names should correspond with the work titles. Video submissions can be uploaded onto Youtube or Vimeo for feature on our website. Send these submissions along with a short third-person bio, and (optional) photograph of yourself.

Non-fiction submissions (essays, reviews, commentary, interviews, etc) should be no more than 1, 500 words and sent as a .doc or .docx file along with your third-person bio/and optional photograph.

Submissions are open from 1st till 24th December – and will reopen again on 1st Jan for our twelfth guest editor.

BHP online is now in the capable hands of the amazing JAISHA JANSENA  – friends, arsonistas, send JAISHA your magic!