Pre-apocalyptic poetics

Yellow flowers suddenly appearing,
ghost ships and curse birds,
the petty-profound re-occuring
nature of nature – fall, autumn,
fall, autumn, O! Spring! (the month
of May featured heavily)
– they used to write poetry about this!
And wrote about love/luv/lv – a word
as vague as ‘They’.* Back then, when
the world/welt/veld/gwlâd/welât
was made of moving parts (see: production).

Now we (the three of us) invent alphabets
each day, with bone-point pens in the
generous plastic-dust. For old Times™’ sake.

Help us. We can’t help it.

*’They’ – indefinite descriptor for all political
and commercial enemies of the people

Cas tweets here (work). Her work website is here

featured image from Cas is taken from a 17th century book of tantric drawings of Maharastra, no copyright.