Passionflower Your Sleep Routine

I don’t get nearly enough cockroach. My issue is that all I do is smoke rancid butter and, of course, giggle. I tend to scuttle across the floor until my jaws ache. I’m interested in velvet and rotting orchids. Chalk dust – with its powerful antioxidant activity – is like a choir of creamy darkness. I can’t wait to try the endless lines of products, their mix of golden milk and human scalps. I warm a cup of charred wood to avoid feeling hairy, and instead of Youtubeing digestive health into the night, I go thunderous to bed.

A Luxurious Death

After years working as a makeup artist, I decided there had to be a death with a velvety finish.

To be honest, our whole lives are unnecessary. The fabric of life is thick silver, fruitless. The person you love has a 100 percent chance of embarking on a kitchen renovation project. We think of death as the heart of the home.

Be vulnerable, be young. Death happens to everyone; it makes you laugh so hard you snort as your eyes well up with beeswax.

The challenge is a familiar one: breathe new life into a widow with a black pencil. Advice on how to die well? I start with skin butter, followed by nude loss lip.

Top Tips for a Sustainable Wake

  1. I always keep a million lights whirling and spinning in my car.
  2. When I bring in my groceries – a soundless screaming.
  3. I remember endless nights investing in an extra set of forks, a cornucopia of canvas bags.
  4. For parties where you might have used funeral bells, opt for a paper horn.
  5. Knowledge is one of the worst offenders of memory.
  6. Weightlessness is a simple way to smell of rust.
  7. Heaven is yellow.
  8. Heaven is back in the car.
  9. Fall in love, endlessly, with your bag lady.
  10. I will carry the ebony edges of the world in a reusable coffee mug.

Matthew Haigh is a poet from Cardiff. His work has featured in numerous magazines and anthologies. His debut pamphlet, Black Jam, is forthcoming from Broken Sleep Books. These three poems feature in his debut collection, Death Magazine, which will be published by Salt in 2019. Matt tweets here: @MattHaighPoetry

featured image: Bob Modem