Air cooled life-forms_1


Air cooled life-forms by Rob Miller

About the series //

Work produced for the Grey Planet series reflects the incalculable absurdity of a global economy fundamentally at odds with our shared ecology – the [im]material flows of commerce, a fiction of progress constructed from pure exceptionalism. We the first of the last men trade more than futures; these transactions create a terminal velocity in which we attempt to live a myth not yet even imagined. We are faced then with a new and inescapable reality, in which the world-wide blindness of our impact is matched only by the eco-anxiousness of the few. Willingness alone simply produces an artifice of meaning and self-indulgent virtue signalling – conflicted anxieties of which I am equally guilty. 

Work text //

Air cooled life-forms – 2018 (part of the Grey Planet series)

Sand-cast lead, steel, 12v DC axial ball bearing fan, Yuasa 12v 1.2Ah rechargeable lead acid batteries, from modified & appropriated plastic (toy) pattern.

30 x 100 x 340mm (5 elements, installation & duration variable).

The turtle is a symbol of longevity, and is sometimes represented with batteries growing from its back to imply a long life. 

[ ]… a need to re-wild our critical perceptions.

Bio //

Rob Miller is a sculptor whose core interests include the illusive status of objects & things, the condition of repetition, temporal anxiety, and the Anthropocene dilemma.