A convenient, comprehensive index of the works selected by guest editor C.C. O’Hanlon in April, 2018. Check it out, make sure you didn’t miss anything.

April 3rd
Chainsaw Demolition Waltz, a poem by Tara Lynn Hawk

April 4th
Wonderment, a poem by Tara Lynn Hawk
Waiting For The Ocean, words and photographs by by hiromi suzuki

April 5th
Nothing Dries Sooner Than A Tear, a memoir by Joanna Pickering

April 6th
Tom Jeffreys: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon

April 7th
Badlands, a poem by Betsy Housten
Peach On The Beach, a prose poem by Kate Feld

April 9th
Static In The Bones, a poem by Amy Kinsman

April 10th
In Dudley, two prose poems by R.M. Francis
Writing A Winter Sunset, a diary by Oliver Cable

April 11th
The Catskills Dream, collages and brief memoir by Anna Louise Simpson

April 12th
Under A Wave Off Kanagawa, a poem by William Doreski
Meeting Robert Graves, a memoir by Larry Buttrose

April 13th
Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Four Poems by Sam Lou Talbot

April 14th
Fernando Sdrigotti: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon

April 15th
On Becoming A Storyteller: A Berlin Memoir by Jessica Ciccarelli

April 16th
The Tyranny of the Horizon, words and photos by Laurence Mitchell

April 17th
Arrival As A Form Of Departure: the lamentation of an immigrant, a poem by Bola Opaleke
Dream Vision, a poem by Lucie Richter-Mahr

April 18th
Dreaming St. Conan’s Kirk, a memoir by Ever Dundas
Sahara, a poem by Petero Kalulé

April 19th
Two Poems by Janet Reed

April 20th
This Is Not A Memorial, And Other Stories Of Remembrance, a pilgrimage by Alan Nance

April 21st
Mulure Mike: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon
Creation, a poem by Erynn Pontius

April 22nd
Make A Way If There Isn’t One, a poem by Heather Saunders Estes
Sh-Boom, a poem by Mare Leonard

April 23rd
Skin, flash fiction by Olga Dermott-Bond
In Casablanca, a travel story (sort of), by Ganzeer

April 24th
You’re The Crocodile Now: Journal Fragments by E.F. Fluff
Who’d Pick A Fight With Lee Marvin?, a travel story by David Dragon

April 25th
Walking Westward, Toward Jerusalem, Across The Jordan Valley, a poem by Aiya Sakr
This Place is Ours, a poem by Hazel Warren
Journeys, art by Jodie Day
L.A. Lust, words and images by Yanina Spizzirri

April 26th
whatitoka (doorway), a prose poem by Kathleen McLeod
Two Poems by John Boursnell
Meeting Frank, a poem by Loretta Oleck

April 27th
A Believing Place, a journey by Nina Foushee
In Anticipation Of The Singularity, a poem by Mark Beechill
Smithsonian Destruction Vigil, experimental prose by John Trefry
This Would Be The Perfect Day, flash fiction by Cathy Ulrich
Everything, a poem by Line Toftsø

April 28th
Jo Tinsley: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon
Phrygians In The Rigging, a pilgrimage by Caroline Stockford

April 29th
Three Fragments On The Portative Organ, prose by Eva Ferry