On the vast land of a hospital in Tokyo, there is a pond filled with plenty of water. Water springs up not only in the pond, but here and there. It is the source of a river. The underground water passes through the downtown of Tokyo and flows into Tokyo Bay. No one knows this is a water land and I’m dreaming of the ocean through the vapor.

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-4hiromi suzuki is an illustrator, poet, and artist living in Tokyo, Japan. A contributor to the Japanese poetry magazine gui (run by members of the Japanese VOU group of poets, founded by the late Kitasono Katue), she is also author of Ms. cried, 77 poems (kisaragi publishing). Her works are published internationally in Otoliths, BlazeVOX, Empty Mirror, Experiment-O, Black Market Re-View, Jazz Cigarette, The Arsonist, Angry Old Man, Coldfront, 3:am, Obra/Artifact, Utsanga.it, and many other journals, ‘zines and anthologies. Her latest book of visual poetry is logbook (Hesterglock Press).