Journeys, physical, spiritual and psychological, are at the centre of each of my works. The idea of leaving and arriving  – or transcending – inspires me to create.

I am interested in the knowledge we gain from these journeys. No journey is without meaning, and by taking a step into the unknown, we evolve. Some experiences leave the traveller enlightened; others might harm and scar. Whatever the outcome, knowledge is gained and there is no greater gift than that.

Except, maybe, time.


Pilgrimage End.jpg

Pilgrimage end
This piece was created to represent the unforeseen outcome of a spiritual journey. I wanted to convey the idea of trust and faith in the unknown, and how we feel the urge
to go in search of something even though it may no longer be there or, worse, never was.


Those dreams set in stone..jpg

Those dreams set in stone
As the title suggest, this work focuses on the idea of dreams as journeys. Dreaming is the perfect medum in which to embark upon a journey. The beauty of dream journeys is that they exist in both our conscious and unconscious selves. There are those that we willingly create while awake, and they are carefully shaped our own conscious desires. Unconscious dreaming takes us to places we weren’t sure existed, places we didn’t know we wanted to go.


Infinite wandering in the desert of time..jpg

Infinite wandering in the desert of time
This work has a more esoteric approach to the idea of a journey. The landscape is vast and touches the edge of the universe. The giant hand holding the watch is meant to symbolize Time being out of mortal man’s hands, kept by some other, unseen power.


Swan Song.jpg

Swan Song
This is a simple work that I feel speaks for itself. This swan song is performed in a tunnel with light at the end of it. The question I wanted to ask was whether the light is an exit or an entrance?


Portals within devine dimensions.jpg
Portals with divine dimensions
Portals are, I believe, all around us. A portal can be an opportunity, a chance, within which we can glimpse a possible alternative future.. The divine element represents faith, either in oneself or in some unseen force. Faith is key to entering a portal.


The title of this piece is derived from Latin – something mysterious or filled with a sense of divinity. The symbolic use of stairs leading into the old phrenology head reflects my idea of journeys we embark on inwardly. The landscape is barren except for a truck tipping out material, which I chose to represent unwanted thoughts.



Jodie Day is an analog collage artist working under the pseudonym of Sacred Cuts. Her work deals with themes of spiritual transendancy, ritualistic behaviours and unknown journeys. She studied Fine Art at Sir John Cass School Of Art in London, where she lives and works.