i. dirge the sea


shall we put an end to the sea?

re channel its eerie cries

calabash its black bawls,

––– elsewhere …


shall we dirge the sea,

sand its thirsty waters dry,

dust them


& maybe talk of deserts ?


ii. wrath


agape !

this ancient floor


warmed wool of seductive depths it

limitless,   re leases

a hell that desires our soul-spirit-space & thirsts

for our growing-glowing sins.


this floor-’s the arche;

its skin, we feel –’s a coarse rotary tongue


calcine mouth that swallows up all,


earth, fire, air, water, love, faith, truth, pain

sun, ocean, islets cowries, manatee, manity, scope, memory, glee

vision s, minarets,             spires

language, b

-orders, planets, poems, music, spells, serpents, shells, piss,


sperm. salt. gold, poison, ink. owls, vultures, teeth, shit.

charcoal. hyenas, elixhirs, charms, alms, chalk. manure, rejectamenta      

 –––– everything!

everything, all whole.

the arche takes.

it un does tXture

in incarnate downs .


we who loft atop are merely



celledin quelled ––

in cauldron funnel that 4-ever ever pries . stay,

we shan’t.


4 turbinal, our

soles sinkslow

into hot sifter of

spins, pins

djinns. &


only a cruel salacious sand

stands .


iii. dust


tuffaceous dustings

jiggle scents of

tragic intimations



as-if   crows sunned

with   zills       bells

crotales,     yells !


a modal wind salaams

incensed dashings


Xango weeps ancient tXts & (jests) in

Sahel minor-shush


declaring blue :


O mortal you, brittle-broken you,

all living-s a formless

sink ,

a speckled



iv. impasse


ruin ruin

grains of ruin as

crescents.   pulsars,   eyes unhomed

unmoored unseen


rains of ruin as river-gaspings

their showers stifling, unheard;



ruin ruin, flecks of ruin ubiquitous,



ruin as placeless raffia resonances

ruin as such fibres flickering,

their parched struggles



ruin ruin, silky meringues of ruin

as a gather-rage of warmths




ruin as indelible dunes ripplin’,

flooring squiggle s



ruin, ole ruin. essence of ruin as

a black-hole physics of mirage

suffusing radiant light being s


ruin as entanglements dispersed yo-yoing atomic

cinnamon blue s


ruin ruin, vascular ruin abiding fugual,

all ways

ch urning death




Petero Kalulé spends most of his time seeking sounds.