Once young

The land meant everything

Patches of green and brown

Wild things and half wild critters

Cross our path

As we made our way along

Collecting small mysteries

These the fading signposts of our youth

Now long gone

Today we put in our hours and pay the bills we

accumulate for the things they

say we all cannot live without

The fullness, the fascination, the

life of lives

Gone now, yet

still seekable

Find your compass



Tara Lynn Hawk is the author of poetry chapbooks Rhetorical Wanderlust and The Dead. Her work is forthcoming in Moonchild and has appeared in On This Path We Travel, Anti-Heroin Chic, Occulum, Rasputin, Uut, The Cabinet of Heed, Spelk, Wanton Fuckery, Midnight Lane Gallery, Idle Ink, Spilling Cocoa, Poethead, Social Justice Poetry and more.

Photo: Jackson homestead, White Plains, ca. 1939, by Jack Delano (Library of Congress)