We wandered the streets
Pointing out our childhood
Every detail that remains
A teenaged memory
Clambering rooftops of shops
Shady trees by the river
We knew every one
Every hiding place and secret spot
The record shop has gone

They cleaned the statues
And dared to move them round
And the library…
Now a shiny glass thing
At the top of town
No longer by the river
Where we sat and read
Reminding me of something
Siddhartha might have said

This place is ours
It shaped us
We abandoned it
This place nurtured
And we moved on
And now, although it makes no sense
I can’t help feeling hurt
That the record shop has gone



Hazel Warren is a member of DIY poets, one of the organisers of the International Women’s Day event, Women Say… Stuff. She can be found performing at open mic’ nights and DIY events around Nottingham. She sometimes wields a ukulele for musical forays and a pencil for artistic endeavours.