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Place: Movement / Escape / Exploration / Architecture

The End by C.C. O’Hanlon

This is the end.

I’m going to miss these few weeks I’ve spent as a guest editor for BHP. Thanks to everybody who submitted their works around my loosely framed theme of Place: Movement / Escape / Exploration / Architecture. With few exceptions, they were exactly what I’d hoped for.

Thanks to everybody who read them. My immediate predecessors, Florence Lenaers and Amee Nassrene Broumand, had broadened BHP‘s readership significantly and I’m happy (and relieved) that I managed to add to its growth.

I’m also happy to have maintained a similarly rich diversity of contributors. Old, white males – like me – were few.

Thank you, Miggy Angel, for allowing me to be part of this. I’ve had a blast.

I’ll let myself out.

Place: Movement / Escape / Exploration / Architecture

A convenient, comprehensive index of the works selected by guest editor C.C. O’Hanlon in April, 2018. Check it out, make sure you didn’t miss anything.

April 3rd
Chainsaw Demolition Waltz, a poem by Tara Lynn Hawk

April 4th
Wonderment, a poem by Tara Lynn Hawk
Waiting For The Ocean, words and photographs by by hiromi suzuki

April 5th
Nothing Dries Sooner Than A Tear, a memoir by Joanna Pickering

April 6th
Tom Jeffreys: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon

April 7th
Badlands, a poem by Betsy Housten
Peach On The Beach, a prose poem by Kate Feld

April 9th
Static In The Bones, a poem by Amy Kinsman

April 10th
In Dudley, two prose poems by R.M. Francis
Writing A Winter Sunset, a diary by Oliver Cable

April 11th
The Catskills Dream, collages and brief memoir by Anna Louise Simpson

April 12th
Under A Wave Off Kanagawa, a poem by William Doreski
Meeting Robert Graves, a memoir by Larry Buttrose

April 13th
Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Four Poems by Sam Lou Talbot

April 14th
Fernando Sdrigotti: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon

April 15th
On Becoming A Storyteller: A Berlin Memoir by Jessica Ciccarelli

April 16th
The Tyranny of the Horizon, words and photos by Laurence Mitchell

April 17th
Arrival As A Form Of Departure: the lamentation of an immigrant, a poem by Bola Opaleke
Dream Vision, a poem by Lucie Richter-Mahr

April 18th
Dreaming St. Conan’s Kirk, a memoir by Ever Dundas
Sahara, a poem by Petero Kalulé

April 19th
Two Poems by Janet Reed

April 20th
This Is Not A Memorial, And Other Stories Of Remembrance, a pilgrimage by Alan Nance

April 21st
Mulure Mike: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon
Creation, a poem by Erynn Pontius

April 22nd
Make A Way If There Isn’t One, a poem by Heather Saunders Estes
Sh-Boom, a poem by Mare Leonard

April 23rd
Skin, flash fiction by Olga Dermott-Bond
In Casablanca, a travel story (sort of), by Ganzeer

April 24th
You’re The Crocodile Now: Journal Fragments by E.F. Fluff
Who’d Pick A Fight With Lee Marvin?, a travel story by David Dragon

April 25th
Walking Westward, Toward Jerusalem, Across The Jordan Valley, a poem by Aiya Sakr
This Place is Ours, a poem by Hazel Warren
Journeys, art by Jodie Day
L.A. Lust, words and images by Yanina Spizzirri

April 26th
whatitoka (doorway), a prose poem by Kathleen McLeod
Two Poems by John Boursnell
Meeting Frank, a poem by Loretta Oleck

April 27th
A Believing Place, a journey by Nina Foushee
In Anticipation Of The Singularity, a poem by Mark Beechill
Smithsonian Destruction Vigil, experimental prose by John Trefry
This Would Be The Perfect Day, flash fiction by Cathy Ulrich
Everything, a poem by Line Toftsø

April 28th
Jo Tinsley: In Conversation with C.C. O’Hanlon
Phrygians In The Rigging, a pilgrimage by Caroline Stockford

April 29th
Three Fragments On The Portative Organ, prose by Eva Ferry




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