Anna primal like ma, da, stretched & mirrored in a lake of unwise Homo sapiens

Beatrice in Italian, a tenderness, caressed

California long, narrow, the n a pass momentarily freezing paradise

Diego weight of lead, syllabic four-way stop, digging into earth, Ray Harryhausen tortoise

Ebenezer bless you

Francine 50s bouffant skirt, pink Aqua Net smile, a bitter grit

Giovanni vibrating toes

Hortense all nose & curling vowel then—swat!

Ignacious tented candle

Jasper dry tannins across tongue

Kinshasa waist-bow to a regal queen

Lee Yi, E, surgical constructs like double lids

Madhur root throated

Nico loose change rattling in a pocket

Ottoline gold flecks flashing in a garden pool

Per clean expulsion of air

Qin confusion

Rodrigo delightful trilling of the tongue

Sicily sizzling sumptuousness

Timbuktu wave of forests

Uta springboard for vowels

Vi yearning upwards, caught in an echo chamber

Worcestershire undirectional tongue

Xanthippe pebbles skipping across white lake

Yonkers a call across tonsils

Zimzi electricity, air singeing primeval


J.A. Pak‘s writing has been published in a variety of publications, including 7×7, (b)OINK, Joyland, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Luna Luna and Atticus Review. More of her work can be read at