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‘Some Things’ – A BURNING HOUSE PRESS interview with PANYA BANJOKO – by Trevor Wright


Who is Panya the Poet and what does she do?

I am a writer, primarily, and an archivist. I mainly write poetry although I have written some children’s stories and I’m toying with a novel.  I also run Nottingham Black Archive and as part of that, a Black Writers Network. It’s all about raising awareness, helping with professional development and showcasing local black talent through a range of different initiatives. Read a Black Author for example which happens in October and where people are invited to read together in Slab Square. I organised a poetry weekender for Windrush 70 featuring Kei Miller then looking do a Festival next year – not just poetry but MC’s, grime and singers because we’re network of all kinds of writers.  I want to showcase the talent, because that’s just not happening. Continue reading “‘Some Things’ – A BURNING HOUSE PRESS interview with PANYA BANJOKO – by Trevor Wright”


Liber Exuvia – Elytron Frass – gnOme books

elytron frass liber exuvia1.jpg

Reading Liber Exuvia by Elytron Frass is to enter the murmuring memoirs of an astral traveller. Is to encounter the self as it is – not as fixed point or outpost in temporal time but self as vaporous, porous and atemporal – self as ghost haunting the flesh, spectre sojourning the house of mist. Self as fracture, fact amassed and massacred, exploding and imploding in all directions, past present future for infinity. Everywhere and everyone and everywhen. Continue reading “Liber Exuvia – Elytron Frass – gnOme books”

The Only Trans Girl at the Party II by Alison Rumfitt

‘Cause I am not this body
that imprisons me.
-The Mountains Goats, Isaiah 45:23

Cocaine aspect ratio move out I want to see it in full
lonely breakwater, lonely pebblebeach storming
over the underpass like a ghost of a girl knocked by
the wind, cocaine aspect ratio move in to see the detail
on your sullen face, the way your eyes move from
floor, to wall, to door, to garden, to windowpane Continue reading “The Only Trans Girl at the Party II by Alison Rumfitt”

They Think Me Dirty by Mercy Ananeh-Frempong

I know you are tired of hearing me talk about my complexion. How I quiver when I flow out of my house with a tabula rasa and see skins recoil with revulsion. Some do it with fear, others point, ripple, and giggle and call me dirty, ugly, but quite pretty for my race. My face. My hair. Oh! She’s surprised that my dreads smell great. Who would ever have thought that anyone with dreadlocks could smell so nice! I know you are tired of hearing me talk about how the gatekeepers of this world have a different set of hoops set aside purposely for those packaged like me to leap through. How like the video games I play, there is always a higher hoop to scale, impossible levels to complete… so I can enter your countries, so I can enter your schools, so I can find love, so I can get a job, so I can dance like you. Continue reading “They Think Me Dirty by Mercy Ananeh-Frempong”

When the Sickness is a Permanent Physical Thing by Gervanna Stephens

Body a fragile thing
burgeoned by words Continue reading “When the Sickness is a Permanent Physical Thing by Gervanna Stephens”

Art + Poetry by nublaccsoul

A pair of paradox, or pandora’s box

We are forgotten yesterdays of tomorrow,
note-booked mementos on thighs time travelled,
back from the future, a few tsha-tsha with flashes
blackouts and gray-matter gashes,
the slurred dance of good memory,
crib-notes on collar-bones,
bare chest, a loose tie, knots, not around neck
formal education white suits, tucked-in remembering.
A formal date chasing me indoors.
chasing me into doors of consistent
nurturing nature of the neuro
doors on the right, left doubt in the cold.
A manner of hindsight sighs. Continue reading “Art + Poetry by nublaccsoul”

Two poems by Alexis Diano Sikorski


when I was first introduced to the whole gender conundrum I tested whether or not I might be a boy by letting the end of my vibrator hang from my vagina and fill my panties with purple plastic. so similar.  Continue reading “Two poems by Alexis Diano Sikorski”

Two poems by Juliette van der Molen

Continue reading “Two poems by Juliette van der Molen”

Number 18 by Paul Hawkins

image1 (2)

1. The Kitchen

Dear Louise,
eight days and nights of the painbirds –
flapping and feeding and shitting voices into me.
I sit, or pace up and down stairs,
or try to lie down,
or hide,
crouching behind the Ikea clothes rail
in our bedroom. Continue reading “Number 18 by Paul Hawkins”

Hot Joints by Laura Motavasseli

Continue reading “Hot Joints by Laura Motavasseli”

Untitled Carpet by John Boursnell

Continue reading “Untitled Carpet by John Boursnell”

Three poems by Betsy Housten


First responder histamine affects the top two
layers of skin, itch races up uncushioned nerves
like a house on fire: one that wants to unzip
its unfortunate human suit and go jump in a lake.
Science, for all its hypotheses, cannot explain Continue reading “Three poems by Betsy Housten”

Two poems by Vanessa Maki

Continue reading “Two poems by Vanessa Maki”

Three poems by Jessica Beyer


Fear the Trees

There were figures in the night who blended with the trees & we could only see their eyes—every shade of violet. They moved when we did. They breathed when we breathed. It was impossible to tell how many surrounded us, or what they wanted. Or maybe they didn’t want. Or maybe they were the trees, just waking up.

Continue reading “Three poems by Jessica Beyer”

Three poems by Myene Yanu


Continue reading “Three poems by Myene Yanu”

a… scare that tricks the mind (half-waking). … (fragments.—of-from a dream-dreams? … ) by Mark Bolsover

a… scare
that tricks the mind (half-waking). …

(fragments.—of-from a dream-dreams? … ). Continue reading “a… scare that tricks the mind (half-waking). … (fragments.—of-from a dream-dreams? … ) by Mark Bolsover”

Two poems by Jenna Velez

Watermelon Pregnancy

Flesh-flavored bubblegum
Chewed to forget
The fruit I bore bare
In the boredom of 9pm
Or the way you thought my clit was cute Continue reading “Two poems by Jenna Velez”

An elf turns inside out for the dragon by Kate Garrett


my fire-breathing mother says she believes in love—

she preaches starvation, picks the latest
drive-thru-visit hoard from her teeth
with my toothpick legs Continue reading “An elf turns inside out for the dragon by Kate Garrett”

Hemicorporectomy by Kayla Bashe

The magician saws a woman in half and pulls a rabbit from her ribcage, soft and twitching and wild. It is all done with mirrors. I look in the mirror. I press my breasts down to become more like myself. Continue reading “Hemicorporectomy by Kayla Bashe”

Three poems by Joanna Nissel


The Catheter Aria

The crescendo eclipses
the bustle by my bedside. Continue reading “Three poems by Joanna Nissel”

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