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five letters by della watson

dear _____,

i have been awake at all the hours, and asleep. there is not a second that hasn’t played both sides. sometimes i hear the first train emerging from the tunnel in the morning, a song like blown breath over wine glass. i know my time by the sliver of light cutting through the break in the drawn curtains.

the first person has already been caught by facial recognition software. 

when people get plastic surgery do they have to update their passports.

i want to be more invisible.

so many electrical appliances make beeping or dinging sounds these days. the microwave, the kettle, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the dryer, the dishwasher. even the lightbulbs buzz. there is no such thing as silence. 

the only cure is to make more noise.


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Kutha Letter #6 — Maxime Berclaz

Maxime Berclaz is a first year candidate for an M.F.A. in Poetry at the University of Notre Dame and an Editorial Intern at Action Books. He has been published in Poems for Freedom, an anthology of poems put together in support of the anarchist bookstore Freedom after its firebombing, has a poem forthcoming in Deluge and has also had reviews in Pank and Tarpaulin Sky. Tweets at & Action Books

Dear Departure — Liza Martino

Liza Martino is an opinionated female from Brunswick, Victoria, Australia, working for a financial conglomerate. She has a special relationship with the sun. Queen makes her cry. Twitter: @liza_martino

Letter To Otherworld — bibles

bibles is the author of ‘Better Face of Facism’ find him @appropouture.

Building Better Worlds — Alexander Kattke

Alexander Kattke is a long time writer and film buff who has been writing for over fifteen years. He has published two works: Witness to a Recurring Galaxy and Musings. He is working on a third. Twitter:

the hidden smile is a tear — Irsida Bejo

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Excerpt from Notes for a Letter to the Daemon — John Trefry

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endless shores — Teresa Elizabeth Lobos

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Suffocating in an Empyrean Trance — Damien Ark

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