3rd May

Two poems by Preston Smith

A poem by Moira J Saucer

The Budgies of Broadway by K Dulai

Two poems by Anthony AW

A poem by Juliane Okot Bitek


4th May

Two poems by Audrey Lindemann

A poem by Jen Katshunga

Placement by Sylvia Warren


5th May

Two poems by Shaimaa Abdelkarim

Horizon’s incomplete picture by Sarah Jane Cervenak

A poem by Chebet Fataba


6th May

In the Eye of the Storm: 5 Poems for Radio by Anja Kanngieser

Two poems and a story by Antoine J. Hayes

Fragments of the Contract by Christopher Clifton

A drop exudes by Dr. J

Two poems by Olga Dermott-Bond

Two poems by Sarah Cave

A poem by Scherezade Siobhan


7th May

Two poems by Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich

A poem by Natalie Nzeyimana


8th May

Too fucking late for all that by Julia Lee Barclay-Morton

Two poems by Lydia Unsworth

Poems by Ben Aaron


9th May

3 poems by Ashley Miranda

A poem by Emma Miles

A poem by Ian Seed

A poem and a sound piece by Matt Atkins

Circles: 4 Prose Fragments by Mapule Mohulatsi


10th May

Two poems by M.J. Luppa

A poem by Antoni Ooto

A poem by Erin Russell

Two poems by Sharanya


12th May

A poem by Michelle K. Angwenyi

A poem by Nikki Wallschlaeger

The Mourning Series by Temar France


13th May

Two poems by Lucy Whitehead

A poem by Pamilerin Jacob

A poem by Carson Cole Arthur

Flash fiction by Tim Agaba Baroraho


14th May

3 poems by Aaron Boothby

Two poems by J.S. Lean

3 poems by Tamsin Blaxter

Narrative Nonfiction by Storey Clayton


15th May

Selections from ‘My Flesh & Roots’ by Danielle Hark

A poem by Amie Norman Walker

A poem by Judy DeCroce

A poem by Frank G. Karioris


16th May

Anonymity of the Rural: A Photo Series by Awa Konaté

‘to hold a city’ by Thandi Loewenson


18th May

A poem by Liza Wemakor

A poem by Lee Wright

A poem by Mbeke Waseme

Two poems by Bill Abbott

The Sound Mirror: A showdown between Sun Ra and the British Museum at Cafe Oto by Noah Angell


19th May

A poem by Fatima Seck

Two poems by Donna Dallas

Two poems by John Rufo


20th May

3 poems by Akpa Arinzechukwu

Two poems by Gathondu Mwangi

An apology by Zoé Samudzi


21st May

A poem by Tom Snarsky

A Short Story by Fortunate Jwara

An essay by Marcos Gonsalez

A poem by David Hanlon


23rd May

I miss holding hands by Heather M. Browne

3 poems by Gabriel Mundo

A poem by B. A. Varghese

A poem by Dov Nelkin


25th May

‘memory/loss in the key of blue’ by caitlin m. spencer

3 poems by Bojana Stojcic

A poem and an essay by Diane Exavier

A short story by Meryl Baer


26th May

3 poems by David Glenn


27th May

Two poems by Gail Grycel

A poem by Jack Young

3 poems by Rae Diamond

3 Micro-stories by Di Jayawickrema


29th May

Imaginary Cinema / Reel #3 by Yanina Spizzirri

A poem by Ellie Zupancic

5 photographs by Keith Moul