In the Eye of the Storm: 5 Poems for Radio is written and narrated by Anja Kanngieser, Krystelle Lavaki, Atueta Rabuka, Amelia Rigsby and Peter Sipeli. Sound production by Polly Stanton

“The eye rolls towards the thunderheads of the wall, high tight grey and furious, just beyond where you can see. Don’t forget, said the geolinguist, that the eye is the lure of the empire. After the eye trails nothing but tears”.

Writing these words over a year after severe tropical Cyclone Winston, the strongest cyclone to hit the southern hemisphere, decimated much of the Pacific Island of Fiji, was to write through histories made material.  Over a year later, schools were still being housed in emergency tents, homes were still waiting to be rebuilt, and crops were still decimated. Cyclone Winston was neither a beginning nor an end but a reiteration of colonial violence. This collaborative work marks out incomplete returns, resonances heard and felt through sound and voice, through winds that will not cease to rip lands into seas. –– Anja Kanngieser.

Anja Kanngieser @geotransversals is a political geographer and sound artist. Their work looks to the intersections of political economy and ecology, sound and social movements; Anja’s current projects use oral testimony, field recording and data sonification to amplify community responses to ecological violence and environmental change in the Pacific.