Glitch Sonnet

for 1 dollar I will hold your hand and for 2 dollars I will be your big fat snowflake. for 3 I will
mean mug your enemies and for 4 dollars I will be a good girl and for 5 I will sun burn. for 6
dollars I will middle part. for 7 dollars I will make you tingle. for 7 I’ll be a bad boy. for 7 I will
self destruct and for 7 dollars I will complete you. for 7
oh apple oh silk
oh pumice stone oh tweeze
oh bath
oh sex kitten
oh green sweater
oh the dribble oh the money
this meal this sheet
oh baby oh sugar baby dribble baby
oh apple yes sweater stone oh 7 dollar
tweeze baby oh

Escape Plan

the edifice of straws
is flammable. it cannot
maintain or cultivate
flourishing relationships.
it cannot afford
the health care that
it needs. it cannot stop
drying up the glue or
getting its tongue stuck
on frozen metal pipes.
the city is comatosing in
glue the air quality is
glue the overpass is
glue and the buildings
are tripping on black ice

Audrey Lindemann @doyoulikegoats is a student of and research assistant in the English department at the University of Notre Dame. She is the author of the pamphlet I have compiled 14 gay love poems (SPAM Press 2019) and her work has appeared in Queen Mob’s Tea House, Ghost Parachute, and elsewhere.