to the airport in burbank

(what) if

by chance, this
all goes well.

That I am
accepted in POETRY

&receive MFA
degrees or appear

on best seller’s
lists, like New

York Times, number
one or wherever—

by chance, when
I die, people

place me on
hold at local

me with similar

Thirst I had
after Mary Oliver

passed, by chance,
I write something

as pure as
The Uses of

Sorrow, by chance
I say this

now, I am

Anthony AW@an__o__  (he/they) is an LA-based writer. Their work has been or will be published in Boston Accent Lit, Drunk Monkeys, FIVE:2:ONE, Mojave He[art] Review, & Rogue Agent. His micro-chapbook, Pantoum’d!, will be published by Ghost City Press for their 2019 Summer Series. AW’s a part of the Pink Plastic House 2019 summer online residency. They host tête-à-tête, a queer reading series in Highland Park.