765-XXX-XXXX 7:00am

I called my mom last night
told her I couldn’t come visit.
Flights had gotten too expensive.
She lied to me,
not a normal lie,
Like it’s ok.
She had lied to me previously
and now she was just
revealing a little more
of that lie.
She’s unable to tell me the truth
but I am supposed to visit her.
She always says ‘I gave birth to you’
I always think

but did you want
to give birth to ‘me’.
I was a terrible child
I think I am better
or maybe my parents are worse
than I thought they were
and so we really should just
grade each other
on a sliding scale.
I’ll probably still go visit her.
Tonight is probably going to be
the same as last night, isn’t it?
I hope my wife understands
It’s not her
It’s the water.

Day In/Day out

David Glenn is a Brooklyn-based actor and writer. He arrived in New York after having spent a large portion of his young life growing up in Indiana and attending Purdue University. Since, arriving in the city David has performed on stage and screen. David doesn’t know how to end a bio, yet.