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Florence Lenaers

Some Body by Florence Lenaers

Some years ago I wrote a draft on my left arm. An inarticulate tale. Scarry. A slasher script. Part-listless, part-restless. Preverbal. The script looked—and still looks—like tally marks. The kind of marks used to count ever since upper-paleolithic days. Tally marks to count days, for example. The days of a sentence.

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Florence Lenaers – BHP Guest Editor February 2018 – Languages // Letters // Lists Edition

And… that’s a wrap! Florence’s month as guest editor of Burning House Press online finishes today, and she has presented her final selected pieces on the site.

We would like to thank every single person who took the time and had the faith and trust to submit your work to Burning House Press – we appreciate every single piece of work sent to us and all who take the time to engage with our submission calls.

And, we want to say a massive thank you to Florence Lenaers – for choosing the three fantastic themes of Languages // Letters // Lists – which inspired so many wonderful responses – and also for the incredible way she has selected, curated and presented the work, and the impeccable way she has dealt with the general tasks and interactions of her editorship – we are sure that all who engaged with Florence through the submission process can testify to her approach.


Now, the keys and the reins of BHP online are handed over to our second guest editor, who will take over for the month of March…


Here it is, the Languages // Letters // Lists edition, enjoy!


4th Feb

Two poems by Brendan McCormack

Notes on the Translation of the Contract, by Christopher Clifton


5th Feb

Two poems by Meagan Kimberly


7th Feb

How to Avoid Poetry by Peter Raynard


9th Feb

Two poems by Olga Dermott-Bond


11th Feb

Two poems by Paul Brookes


13th Feb

Serres Chaudes, a series of visual poetry by hiromi suzuki


15th Feb

Book of Names by J.A. Pak

The Book of Miracles by Zack Anderson


17th Feb

List Poem by Mike Ferguson


18th Feb

Before Faking Your Own Death… by Paul Case


20th Feb

The Dissection (aelindrome in ρ, the plastic number) by Anthony Etherin

Three prose poems by James Knight


22nd Feb

While You Were Away by Gathoni Mwaura

Dzieci Names (pron. jetski) by Emma Szh


23rd Feb

Poetry Letters by Dan Dorman


25th Feb

Exhibition Labels from the Unreal Museum by Jessie Lynn McMains

Two poems by Anna Cathenka


26th Feb

With Nina Simone by Robert Frederic Kenter

List Poem: To Do by Hazel Warren

Two poems by Aysar Ghassan


27th Feb

Three poems by Jaclyn Piudik

Excavations #3 by James Pate


28th Feb

Bóthar by Daniel P Callanan & Colm McAuliffe

Wolfspeak by Lara Alonso Corona

Gena’s Birthday Song // Песенка крокодила Гены by Lauren Dostal



Burning House Press welcomes Florence Lenaers as our first guest editor!

From 1st February 2018 and for that whole month Burning House Press online will be edited by our very first guest editor – the amazing Florence Lenaers!

More info on submission details forthcoming – stay tuned – and a massive welcome to Florence to BHP!!! Prepare to send Florence your work…

An Interview with Physicist and Poet Florence Lenaers

by Amee Nassrene Broumand


Hello Florence! Thanks so much for agreeing to speak with me here on Burning House Press. I’m fascinated by your bio: you’re a PhD student in physics who also writes poetry. I’ve got to ask, why? What draws you to both physics and poetry?  

Hi Amee! Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Oddly enough, the driving force was, & still is, the same in both cases: a thirst for equilibrium, the urge to build an extension upon my collage-like experience of the world; to challenge myself out of my comfort zone, towards areas left uncharted on my maps; to counterbalance an excess of centripetence; to overwrite certainties; to ride a Trojan horse within my own fortress, then to open the gates to cross-pollination.

“my favourite places to roam are borderlands”

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