So I’m done.
With Racists,
Gorilla Killers,
Lion Hunters,
Meat Eaters,
Vegan Haters,
Hate in general,
Judgment of my love for meat,
Explaining why and what I eat,
With being fat,
Not being curvy enough,
Not being sexy enough,
With poachers,
With being an addict,
Being depressive,
Being a Woman,
Being Black,
Being African,
Feeling unsafe,
With living in a third world country,
With having a useless passport,
Having people Improperly,
Unjustifiably define where I’m from,
Of being afraid to choose who to love,
Of being afraid to say ‘I Love You’,
Not being good enough,
Not being strong enough,
Not being enough enough.
With not being Disciplined,
Not having the best hair,
Not having the best hair that represents black hair,
The daily need to tame the hair I was born with,
The fact that hair is such an issue for people on planet earth
While the planet itself is destroyed by the people.
Of explaining my tattoos,
Explaining my piercings,
Justifying my experiences,
Defending my personality,
Fighting for the Higher Power I choose to serve,
Running from the higher power I choose to serve,
Waking up daily to news of life that did not have to die,
Gods who are so unkind they allow for all these regularities to happen then say it’s for their good,
All the humans fighting,
Not knowing what to do,
This list being but a tip of the iceberg,
Living your entire life fixing your past,
Not knowing your future,
Unable to be present,
This all being a waste,
Internet bullies,
People who hang toilet paper ‘under’
And grammar Nazis.
Their the worst.
I am done.

Gathoni Mwaura
Credit: Ndumos Photography

Gathoni Mwaura is a Masters Psychology student currently living in Nottingham. She has had the pleasure of experiencing the corporate world, education industry and pursuit of the arts and can safely say she is still searching for her niche. Having previously worked as a teacher of two to three year olds for over five years, Gathoni now dabbles in singing, acting and learning to play the piano and guitar. In addition to that she enjoys the creative space of writing, be it through songs, blog posts, poetry, gibberish or short children’s stories.