Aspects of Dan

Dan. Danzel Washington. The Blue Danube. A dan of iniquity. The Great Fire of Londan. First dan black belt. Obi-Dan Kenobi. Javier Bardan. South Sudan. Dancing the dan-dan. Lapdan souchong. The bank of mum and dan. Muscle, bone and joint pain caused by mild dangue fever. Will.I.Dan. Danber Gascoigne. Underground, overground, wombling free, the Wombles of Wimbledan Common are we. Dan! Dan! Guandanamo Bay. The Dantown Rats. The long-extinct Iguanodan. Thurstdan Moore. Lady Whatsherface’s Gardan. The Aga Dan. Frankly my dear I don’t give a dan. *Woof! Woof!* Look at the size of that Great Dan! Persistent vomiting and vomiting blood caused by severe dangue fever. Fireman Dan. The Son of Dan. Genghis Dan. Claptdan is God. Jean-Claude Van Dan. The Hoover Dan. Elton John’s Tiny Dancer. Dan! Dan! Dan! Wu-Tang Dan. In the 1980s we all thought that Dirty Dan had been shot by a bunch of daffodils. Kim Dan-un. 8 years of Danald T.? Dan the bomb! Dangerous Liaisons. The Sword of Danacles. The final countdan…Danned Heat…Thermonuclear meltdan…Dante’s Inferno, epicentre, Danstable. Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Mmm, Danone.



Aysar Ghassan lives in the West Midlands, UK. He tends to write about relationships and contemporary social issues. His poems have featured in magazines such as Abridged, Critical Survey and Zarf as well as in anthologies like ‘Writing Lives Together’ (University of Leicester’s Centre for New Writing) and ‘DIVERSIFLY’ (Fair Acre Press). Aysar also enjoys participating in a range of spoken word events.