Wash Up
Clean House
Sort life
Phone Dad
Smile for no reason
Run for no reason
Commit small act of treason
Question your beliefs
Believe your answers
Listen to your heart
Fall in love
Fall in the sea
Fall to your knees
Repeat points 4, 6, 9 and 10
Write a letter
Right a wrong
Tell a tale
Sing a song
Scream your lyrics
Into a hole in a tree
Whistle your own melody
Believe that you can be free
Dance, stepping sideways and back
Come off the rails
Get back on track
Scream again
This time into the sea
Feel grateful
For the waves who wash your soul
With wish, wash, wish, wash
In, out
Never ending
Constant, ever changing
Take a pen
Write a list
This time, be sure to do
All those things that you missed


Hazel Warren is a member of DIY poets, one of the organisers of the International Women’s Day event “Women Say… Stuff” and can be found performing at open mic nights and DIY events around Nottingham. She sometimes wields a ukulele for musical forays and a pencil for artistic endeavours, and responds well to praise. To contact her or for more information you can follow her infrequent and haphazard tweets @hazeleypoos or @WozzaDraws.