Aaand that’s a wrap! Burning House Press would like to thank October’s Guest Editors SHE SPEAKS UK for selecting, curating and presenting an INCREDIBLE array of writing and art on the theme/s GENDER & REVOLUTION – and for all of the endeavour and hard work that has gone into managing the month   – THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, EMERCIANA, AOIFE, & JO!!!

Massive thank you also goes to everyone who contributed to the theme/s and all who continue to send BHP your writing and art – we are so happy and grateful that you entrust us with your work, thank you!!! xX

Here it is, the full GENDER & REVOLUTION EDITION – every selection in one place for you to read/peruse – enjoy!!! xX




19th October

Rapid Eye Movement by Kevin Jackson


To My Daughter by Zachary Payne


#7952 by Suzanne Fraser-Martin


20th Oct

A Song From a Straight Ally by Suzanne Fraser-Martin


S(mocked) by Juliette van der Molen


21st Oct

She Speaks by Suzanne Fraser-Martin


Painted Legs by Juliette van der Molen


Children of the Revolution by Emma Ireland


22nd Oct

We are Women by Emma Miles


Don’t Say I Did Nothing For You by Meeah Williams


23rd Oct

Confessional by Meeah Williams


29th Oct

Someone Else and Harry by Jason Jackson


Gender Lines by Jennifer Moore


30th Oct

Battle of the Sexes by Lauren Winson


3 Poems and 1 Haibun by Robin Anna Smith


For Lydia by Becky Deans


Wrap by Sam Kaner


Poem, Writing & Art by Alix Hyde


Monstrous Woman by Leanne Moden


As I Rise by ReVerse Butcher


Girls are Silver by Olga


Carnival and Lent by Laurence Thompson


Flash Fiction & Two Poems by C. L. Ayre