May 2018

Guest Editor: Karissa Lang

May 7

A Ubiquitous Man by Jake Kendall

May 8

My Naming by Eve Black

3 Poems by Paul Brookes

May 9

The One-Eyed Elephant Trainer by Ivy Ngeow

May 10

3 Poems by Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

Genesis of a Writer: A Memoir by Deborah Hansen

May 11

Seaglass by Tianna Grosch

Home by Shannon Donaghy

May 14

2 Poems by Sagaree Jain

May 15

A Necessary Silence by Jenne Knight

May 16

Night Mares by Anita Goveas

Ghost Feet, Some Booze, and My Living Room: A Sad Party by Dom Fonce

May 17

2 Poems by Jesse Rice-Evans

May 18

Difficult Colours by Jordan Trethewey

May 21

Collages by Sergio Sainz Vidal

May 22

3 Poems by Rachel Thorpe

May 23

The Borderline Angel Of Death by Nick Johnson

Best Practices For Staying Hydrated by Griffin Ward

May 24

Instant Pictures by C.C. O’Hanlon

People On The Edge Of The Night by James McAdams

May 25

Mancunian Insomnia by Spangle McQueen

White Boy On The Bus by Michael Bennett

May 28

The Melvins by Justin Melville

2 Poems by Nikolai Garcia

May 29

The City Of Dreadful Night by Andre Bagoo

No Body by Jaisha Jansena

May 30

Sewing Lessons by Cole Verhoeven

Soliloquy For The Loner Spectator by Cesar Torres

May 31

Ghost Room by Allison Bannister

2 Poems by Lisa L. Weber

Featured photograph by Karissa Lang